The Fastest Way to Charge an iPhone | Sign Up to WIN



In for a penny :grin:

Good luck to those entering :four_leaf_clover:


Love the Powerline USB C to Lightning cable I have, now I just need the charging block to go with it!


Excellent! Signed up! Thanks @AnkerOfficial for this fantastic giveaway event!!


Yeah, thinking of setting up a temporary address in the states just for shipping Anker stuff… more variants available in US compared to Canada and lot cheaper with deals going all the time…:thinking:

It is getting warmer here little bit, that reminds me to spend extra time working in garden now. :astonished:


I don´t have an iPhone, maybe the next opportunity :blush:

Good luck to everyone! :ok_hand::four_leaf_clover:


I keep getting this. Hope it works soon…


Great giveaway. Two years ago I joined the Anker community because of an Easter giveaway. I hope this helps to get new members


Same here :confused:


I also signed in and now I‘ll wait


Same for me!


Yep, website is down due to a scheduled update :frowning:


Unable to enter, website is down :cry:


great timing on the site maintenance lol


Try now, it is up and operational. Its midnight in China, and maintenance happen at Midnight :slight_smile:


Great giveaway, i signed in, good luck for all


Would be good to have an option of a usb-C to usb-C poweline for the lucky few! Great prize though


L win to win email


Dude I wouldn’t just post your email in the open like that. They will email the email connected to your account once you sign up for the contest


Website down most of the day here.


Attempted too but got this message on your site…

Our website is temporarily unavailable due to a scheduled update.
Please check back soon.