The Fastest Way to Charge an iPhone | Sign Up to WIN



I’ve been trying out the Native Union Smart Charger and am not impressed. Ready for something new!


Thank you, Anker!! Good luck to all!!


I want ankers new charger plz


Lol good luck man


30 prizes for registered members sounds great :slight_smile:


@ankerofficial Will that be those registered the day before this started? If not, it should be in future.

That way, newbies joining AFTER the start date, don’t register, and steal “our” (community) prizes.


Just signed up :yum: I’ve been using the same Anker cable for almost 2 years now and it’s still working!! But it’s always good to have some to spare.
Good luck everyone !! :blush:


Good point here @MacBlank

This should have been included in event rules


Just signed up; good luck everyone! Big thanks to Anker for giving us this opportunity!


Great idea but not sure it will be implemented though.


i get did ,gluck everyone :))


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Thanks just entered. Good luck everyone


Thanks @AnkerTechnical I am so excited to be apart of this community! #AnkerRocks


Have been an Anker fan and avid user for a couple of years now. Honestly their charging cables, portable chargers and charging bricks are the ones I use every day. Superb quality, great customer service, that’s why I stick to their products. Hope to win one of these!


Good luck I’ve entered have you


Who’s got a email I haven’t yet


No email means not one of the winners :neutral_face: have not received myself


Anyone get a winning email yet?


I haven’t… someone on here has to have :joy: