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Fingers crossed here. Would love to test the PD1 against my aukey 27w USB-C charger.

An MFI cable would be awesome too. I have a non-mfi one and it works but it’s not brilliant, and not too keen on non-mfi cables.


Thanks. While it feels I never win anything, I live in hope.


May be this time, it may change and you may win :slight_smile:


Good luck to everyone!


Nice! This is a good one.


Entered. Good luck everyone. :slight_smile:


Woo-hoo!!! Thanks @AnkerOfficial !! This would be a great asset for traveling!! Good luck to everyone!


I was excited till I saw Canada not on the list


Good luck to everyone!!!


Thanks for the opportunity


You just gotta cross that border plus another positive would be slightly warmer weather :joy:


Finally got time to enter this :joy:


Nice contest @AnkerOfficial

I have a PowerPort Atom PD 1 and love it. If I when I’ll give it to my dad or my brother. I know one of them could use it.


Thanks @AnkerOfficial :boom:


Such a great giveaway!! Thanks @AnkerTechnical @AnkerOfficial and good luck to everyone!!


No Canada :pensive:? @AnkerTechnical


Good luck! Would love one of these for my iPhone and Pixel!


Would love to win one for my wife. She would be so happy😊. Its over meeting anniversary coming on June 2nd


Cheers Anker this thing is so cute. I need it :ok_hand: For the wife :thumbsup:


This is awesome! Hope I get lucky enough to win. :slight_smile:

This would be super helpful to keep in the hospital, sometimes there’s barely enough time to charge my phone before I have to run somewhere else.