The Community Christmas Countdown | 2 Giveaway Events Per Week!

Happy holidays, Anker fans!

It often feels like December is just one big countdown to Christmas, doesn’t it? We’re embracing the festive season this year in the spirit of the advent calendar; a countdown where each week brings a new round of surprises. You won’t want to miss this!

All you have to do is keep a close eye on the community during the entire month of December. We’ll be celebrating with quizzes, discussion prompts, and contests, and giving away mystery prize boxes with each new activity. What’s in these mystery prize boxes, you ask? Why are we typing mystery prize boxes like this every time? We can’t tell you! It’s all about the mystery.

Events will be unveiled every Monday and Thursday, so visit us again next week on December 3rd to see what’s behind the advent calendar’s door.

Until then, Power On and see you at the first event!

The Community Christmas Countdown Events

  1. The Community Christmas Countdown | Guess the Christmas Movie (Ends on 12/06)
  2. The Community Christmas Countdown | An Unforgettable Christmas (Ends on 12/10)
  3. The Community Christmas Countdown | Christmas Traditions (Ends on 12/13)
  4. The Community Christmas Countdown | “Unforgettable” Gifts (Ends on 12/17)
  5. The Community Christmas Countdown | Delicious Christmas Recipes (Ends on 12/20)
  6. The Community Christmas Countdown | Decoration Contest (Ends on 12/25)
  7. The Community Christmas Countdown | Seasons Greetings!

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The last time regarding the auction, we had fun.
I think that the more the community is used to those event,
the more we all see these a little more relaxed.
Not so “serious”. :grin:

And a surprise box is funny, as long it doesn’t contain stockings or ties!


If the surprise box contains socks I’m totally disowning you @AnkerOfficial! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy::joy:


The mystery boxes are always fun :grin: but yep socks or jumpers are a no go :stuck_out_tongue:


@ndalby We’re on to the 7th year now, I could sworn someone did an unboxing last year.

Either way I’m super stoked about this and hopefully we all can win some cool stuff


If I would be ANKERS’s St. Claus, I would hide some real surprises in those boxes of course. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

May be depending on the winner!!!


@fhassm now you’ve got me really intrigued as to what might be in it! :wink:

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Just did a search for ‘gift box’ as a reference as I couldn’t find mine from last year (don’t recall a last year ‘unboxing’). Found now and updated :wink:


Can’t wait.

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Sounds like fun!

Okay I took a little break but I’m back just in time for another awesome Anker community campaign can’t wait to see what’s inside the mystery prize box even if it’s socks​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses:


short socks?
As it is quite cold here in Munich I would prefer gentleman’s
LONG, black, woolen stockings. :joy:


If it’s so cold there then why are the middle of your socks missing??:thinking::joy::joy:


When I was young, of course I had such a “Lederhose”.
No joke!

But now, with my “thin and pale pensioner’s legs” it would look very ridiculous wearing those.

But some old men do : short pants, socks!!! and sandals!!!.


Man o man I beat you guys over there have to beat them off of you with a stick over there :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding I wish we had a month-long holiday where I could play dress up and get drunk :joy::joy:


No dress up.
Young people are dressing up when visiting Oktoberfest.
But the “Lederhose” is now “Mad in India”

No, I would care about you! :joy:
Serving you some light beer. :grin:


@maya11780 here’s some more chances for you to try and win something. See told ya if you stick around there would be some awesome giveaways.


Me after drinking a German “lite” beer