The Best of 2018 | You Decide!

Hey, Anker fans!

We’ve had a lot of fun and excitement together in 2018. From our PowerLine giveaway, to the announcement of PowerPort Atom, to our Christmas advent calendar event, it’s been quite a year!

We haven’t even mentioned things like the Auction House, We Love Testing, technical Q&A with our product managers, quizzes, discussions, and more! Any tech fan who isn’t a member of the Anker community is truly missing out.

We’ve said this before, but we mean it so it bears repeating: none of this would be possible without you. That’s why we want to take a moment to ask our fans: which 2018 community event was your favorite? Please let us know below, and include the post link and title in your comment when you do.

We also welcome any ideas or wishes for the new year. We’ve got a lot of great stuff planned, but the roster is far from complete. You might see your idea appear in the Anker community, 2019 edition!

Let us know your thoughts as we bid farewell to 2018.

Power On!


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What I’d like to see and I’m sure plenty others will agree with me is select community giveaways for members over a certain level only like level 3 for instance.

This was requested last year as well and stops the one and dones underservingly winning prizes and then legging it and not contributing anything to the community.


No more such piles wasting for “day flies”.

I am really not greedy for some presents.
Never was and never will be.

But there are many here who are doing such a lot for the company and the community.
Not me, as I don’t have enough technical knowledge,
but I do my best. :wink:


My favorite events this past year have been the WeLoveTesting events… From the SweatGuard edition to the Soundcore speakers and sound bar, the testing events have been by far my favorite because we see people from different areas test and provide feedback and we can see how each one differs from one another.
This particular One was my favorite.

For future as another member has mentioned we want true exclusive giveaways for community members only, not new sign ups but people who actually post and contribute to the community. So a minimum post count and level would be great


And don’t forget the “beta-testing”.
Has one of us got an invitation to one?
I mean really to test an item BEFORE it goes to the public market.
There is a big need to improve this in my opinion.
We have seen short while ago what kind of dilemma has happened.


@AnkerOfficial you guys are already doing a great job with the frequent giveaways and I love the “WeLoveTesting” posts. I also want to thank the contributing members who you have appointed to help promote future products. They know who they are. Thank you :innocent:

I’ve said this before, but I’d like to see more USB-C connections/cables phased in to all of your products, especially chargers and power backs that would support the latest Power Delivery spec.

The community forum here is fun and engaging. I’m a Techie and love to read about new tech.


Actually there is one point that would be nice to see and thats regarding the power user program. When I was given the chance to try the Spirit X headphones and do up an in depth review, that review resulted in dozens of people asking questions on amazon that I gladly answered. The power user program could be improved where, at least in my case, the items on it usually were the same price as buying through Amazon. For at least a few bucks less I would rather purchase through the power user program then write up an honest review like I usually do.

Other than that I really havent had much issue with the direction the forum has gone.


Mine would definitely have to be the We Love Testing event for the SoundCore Flare…by far my favourite speaker set to date…although the Zero is in transit so I’m still open to change :wink:

I do agree though with what others have mentioned (and has been mentioned in the past), that having a few We Love Testing or generic campaigns that are limited to community members at specific level or above would be good…at least it would improve the odds of quality feedback being provided…


There were often special discounts on items given to the PUs.
You haven’t got those?

And of course a honest and good made review at Amazon will cause many costumer questions there.
Very efficient.
So there is nothing better than to answer these.
I check very often and give answers to items I know well.


Honestly all I ever receied were discounts that were the same as emails for anyone really. Guess Im just not special enough. :grin: oh well, maybe next year.


For me its the We Love Testing and other programs that required items to be tested. @AnkerOfficial Thanks so much for offering these great programs for the community.

I would love to see community giveaways for users that have a minimum level (at least level 3). We have a lot of members that only visit when theirs a new contest and then ignores the community after they win/loose.

Thanks again!


I think that the PowerCore AC is a very nice product because it houses a lot of battery life and can be used when taking long trips.

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You are very much an IMPORTANT part of the community. Your humour, friendliness and words of wisdom, are very much needed. You deserve to be rewarded as much as the next person.

I look forward to more from you next year.

God’s blessing my old friend


Have you signed up via the linking pu page?

If so, email Rosa … and say this. … Mind now it’s all changed, not sure what change will happen (depending on country… Better odds if in USA).


I’d like to think over the last year (or so) I’ve added, fun, humour, and some ass kicking general tech answers (in that, I ain’t technical, but if I can do it… so can… Deputy dawg)

Obvs, my fave HAS to be the birthday celebrations, and getting my hands on the infini bar, and the pu soundcore sport earphones… The sound blew me, as to how great it was especially for the price… The best sound I’ve had on any earphones… better than Sony, jabra, akg

What would I like to see…
More stuff for UK n Europe, not just old stuff cos it’s getting dusty.
I want a decent sized powerbank (esp that shiny new one!)
Love to see a small fast USBC lead (or USBC to USBC) for using on powerbanks… What’s the point in that power n having slow leads?
Love to win more often! lol, esp in the product testing campaigns.

What I want less of… Most likes win. Sometimes the best entry is not the most popular.


Totally agree with you about this. When it comes down to a popularity contest half of us don’t stand a chance no matter how good your entry is.


And this is why I hate the latest Soundcore competition, the top 10 all had massively inflated votes seemingly trying to outvote one another up until they ended it which was almost 2 days Late to end


black friday prize machine, because i won!