Here at Anker, we love conducting extensive lab tests before we release products to ensure they meet both our extremely high standards, and those of our customers.

But lab tests can’t replace the real-life feedback we receive from you—a machine can’t tell us how grippy your phone case is when you’re holding it and running for a bus, or how your portable charger helped you when you ran out of power at a really unfortunate moment!

So, today we’re launching our We Love Testing program.

Perhaps you have a Youtube channel or blog you want to create exciting content for, or maybe you want to share Anker with your Facebook and Instagram followers. With this program you’ll have a chance to get an Anker product for just $1 to test and then share your honest reviews with the world!

The focus of the first We Love Testing is Soundbuds Slim+, our ergonomically designed earphones with high fidelity music and up to 7 hours of playtime.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on Soundbuds Slim+ for just $1, simply write a testing plan and post it in the comments below. We’ll pick the 10 best entries and announce the testers on November 6th.

Good Luck!

We Love Testing Program Details:

1. How to Enter: Write a testing plan and leave it in the comments at the bottom of this post for a chance to be selected.

2. Application Time: October 26th - November 2nd 2017

3. Testers Required: 10

4. Price: The selected testers will receive a code which will allow them to get our all-new Soundbuds Slim+ for $1 (Please note: you will not be eligible for a refund).

5. Eligibility for application: US only.

6. Review Requirements: Once you have received your product, you need to send us a link to your review within two weeks. If you haven’t provided a link after two weeks you will be unable to take part in future We Love Testing programs.

7. Where to share your review: You are not required to post your review to a specific website, but you could share your review on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.), YouTube, blogs, deal websites, or other online spaces.


I will test the SoundBuds Slim+ by comparing them to the original SoundBuds Slim, and maybe even SoundBuds Curve! I will make sure to incorporate price point in the comparison. I will record some b roll of the earbuds and then magically add a voiceover in iMovie!

Then I’ll write a written review for Amazon, and share my YouTube video link on the Community so other members can benefit and possibly make a purchase decision! I will also share on Facebook. Would love to give these a shot. :heart_eyes:


I’d compare those earbuds to some of the competitions earbuds. I have a pair of something similar from another company.

I’m sure people would be interested to know how it compares to a similar model, as there are thousands of options available on the market.

Then I’d post my review to Facebook as well as here on the forum to help people make an informed decision.


If I were to be one of the lucky 10 winners to test this product, I would use this product extensively for the full 2 weeks. I commute for 2-2.5 hours daily on a public transportation and this would give me added time to fully test the product (not to mention my 1 hour lunch break!). I am also planning to add some music to my jogging experience and this should give me another reason to test the product’s ability to handle sweat and durability. Lastly, I would love to test the range and quality in real office space. I am planning on walking around the office in order to enrich a potential customer in how the experience will be while having some distance between the slim+ and the paired device.

Once I have had a full grasp on the device, I will write an extensive review to hopefully cover everything from the packaging and the materials to the sound quality and the various usefulness via pros and cons. A bit camera shy but if the product needs a video review to fully get the message across, this is also on the table.

Looking forward to hopefully being chosen!


US only …
Good luck @joshuad11.


I work two jobs, 1 is overnight and then I leave for my next job right after. I will test the headphones during my course of work at both jobs. The sweat/water resistance would be put to the test as it gets rather hot at my job and I sweat a lot a lot. I would test the range capability as well as sound quality compared to other bluetooth devices that are currently used at my job. I would also like to test the headphones when out and about because I know bluetooth functions act differently outside than inside.

I would thorough cover everything from the unbox in to my experience in either a video review or written review submitted here as well as on Amazon and facebook, youtube if it’s a video.


When I get my hands on a set of these I will test it for about a week and continue to test as I write the article. There will be plenty of pictures of the products, packaging and the product in the field.

  1. Pictures of unboxing will taken
  2. Specs and features will be listed along with some stock images from the product page (if needed).
  3. First impressions of the product packaging, the quality of the build, and accessories.
    4.Test charging, how fast partial, full charge, and how long will it run using music.
  4. Test voice calls inside, outside, and wind/noisy areas
  5. Real life use. Including daily visit to gyms (weight lifting days and cardio days), yard work, and using this device while operating a tractor or other loud heavy equipment.
  6. Final impressions and recommendations.

Once completed the article will be posted to my personal blog and shared to my social media contacts. Then I would share a shorter version here with links to the complete article.


Nice to see this up and running so quickly (US Only) :confused:

I would have give these a miss as I’ve recently had the Surge and Tag earphones

Great to see some good plans being posted and it gives non Power Users a nice chance :slight_smile:


Interesting idea, Anker earbuds VS Competitor’s earbuds.:grinning:

You develop a very detailed plan!:grinning:

Next time we will provide offer to the UK fans!:grin:


It would of been more better if there was 20 up for grabs and included the US and the U.K. together… we’re meant to be friends and allies damn it! :wink::wink:

US only… :frowning:

I volunteer to test them and send them back. I really want to give an unbiased review. Thank you.


I work as a arcraft mechanic and my approach to test the ear buds will be the same wtay we do radio communicatios as well as test it for intefierance and range through and with different materials and metals.
The riview will be posted on Facebook


Love the anker earbuds I have but voice would set these on fire! I would love to test and provide a detailed review. I spend at least 4 hours a day all of on a Bluetooth headset and would love to give these a run. We love the anker products we have.


I love to listen to music and watch shows on my free time. I plan to test these headphones out and leave a review on Amazon and my personal Facebook page to share my opinions on it. Thanks for your consideration. Hope to hear back

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I wear headphones a couple of hours a day. From working out in the gym, to cardio to the walk from my car to the office or shopping… I am always wearing headphones. I love the wireless as it has opened up a whole new world. I have a few different pairs that I rotate but my favorite and the go to in the gym of course are my Anker NB10s. I am really interested in the different form factor the new Curves offer, in addition to the awesome battery life! My testing would definitely put these buds through the ringer… from sweat, to fit to sound quality (my playlist is pretty diverse, including alot of podcasts). I have experience with a few other brands of headphones in the same price range so I will be able to do some comparisons.

Thank you for the opportunity to be a tester and I promise to not let my fondness for Anker get in the way. After all, you need honest feedback to make your products as good as they can be and that’s what we all want… that perfect product! I would love to help.


If I were to get a chance to test the new anker soundbuds slim plus, I would test it against other competitors. I would also do a torture test on the soundbuds and prove the durability in the roughest conditions possible. That way they can stand up to anything that comes there way.

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I am a single mom. I listen to alot of music while doing house work or out on the go. I have tried alot of ear buds and wireless head phones. I think it would be good to get an everyday womans point of view. Plus it is a good opertunity to help a mom who normally would not be able to afford them. I would let all my friends know and I would definatly share my opinion on facebook and other social media.

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