I plan to test these for compatibility with my ears… that is to say, many earbuds will not stay comfortably in my ears – I think my ear-canal opening is possibly not the standard shape. If these can stay in comfortably they will already have one awesome-point. Once over that hurdle, I will test for music, noise suppression and clarity in telephone or Hangouts conversation. I have both an iPad Air and an Android phone I will be pairing them with to check how convenient that is.

I will post my results on Google+ and possibly also my blog.

I will disclose, in the review, that I was offered the review item for $1 only.


Would love to give them a try. I was slightly disappointed with an earlier release of similar and hoped these would do better quality

My daughter uses ear buds up like crazy. She puts them through their paces and knows what she likes to put in her ears.

I would let her test the ear buds during her everyday life she is a young teen and will be able to use them probably in ways no one thought.

She has a small you tube channel right now where she has played with doing Shopkins reviews, this could be a good start for her to do meaningful reviews. I would help her with an interview style review asking her questions about sound, feel and usability.


My test plan: use them… daily and often in every circumstance. 1) At the gym to block out the machines and grunting noises from the dudes next to me. 2) at work to help isolate me from the non-productive chatter in the cube next to me 3) mowing the yard 4) while I fall asleep 5) while flying 6) walking around the neighborhood… stuff like that. I would want to see how they work as I live my life. I need a headset that compliments my daily activities… not another gadget that I have to manage. These have that potential… to be as necessary in my life as my phone. Yeah… that’s my test plan… just use them.

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When I get my hands on a set of these I will test it for about a week and continue to test as I write the article. There will be plenty of pictures of the products, packaging and the product in the field.

Pictures of unboxing will taken
Specs and features will be listed along with some stock images from the product page (if needed).
First impressions of the product packaging, the quality of the build, and accessories.
4.Test charging, how fast partial, full charge, and how long will it run using music.
Test voice calls inside, outside, and wind/noisy areas
Real life use. Including daily visit to gyms (weight lifting days and cardio days), yard work, and using this device while operating a tractor or other loud heavy equipment.
Final impressions and recommendations.
Once completed the article will be posted to my personal blog and shared to my social media contacts. Then I would share a shorter version here with links to the complete article.

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If I have a chance to use the Soundbuds Slim+, I intend to test them in the car, office, while working with loud equipment in my yard, and walking/running on the street. Sound would include music, podcasts, video streaming, and phone calls. I would be interested in gauging sound, noise isolation, microphone, and connection quality in most of the test scenarios.

My review would at minimum be posted to Amazon, but most likely to my social media accounts as well.

I own and use several different types of earbuds regularly (different brands, styles, models), including the Anker SoundBuds Sport, so I can include a comparison to other earbuds too.

Thank you for the opportunity, and good luck to all the applicants!


I would love to test these in my gym setting against the other pairs i currently use. Can they withstand the sweat is one of my big questions. Also I would never remember to charge them every single day so battery life needs to go the distance with me!

I also will wear them while in the tanning room which has significant heat and blowing fans.

I bike or run to the gym as well, so they should be easy to move in and turn my head to check for cars when crossing.

I will give feedback and post pictures and video on all social media I’m subscribed to and more if chosen!

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My testing plan for the Soundbuds Slim+ would be to try them while at work. I work as a security guard that has to patrol every hour. I’m allowed to have earbuds in if I so choose. My usual application for normal earbuds is to use them in the break room on my tablet as to not disturb anyone else. But it’s become a hassle to swap the earbuds to my phone when I go out for a patrol. So it would be wonderful to be able to swap between two different interfaces without any physical swapping. Iwas in the market for wireless earbuds anyway so I feel this would be a perfect opportunity to not only review this product, but also join a program through one of my favorites brands. I hope you will accept me into the program. Thank you.


Good luck to those entering, some solid testing ideas have been listed :thumbsup:

One question though, what’s with the thread title @AnkerOfficial :confused:


I would go about testing the product by taking it to it’s limits. Some of the stress points I would go after testing would be heat resilience, cold tolerance, continuous run down time (measuring life span at certain volumes over the go in time period) and also day to day stress use age. As a user of as many Anker products as I can get ( Power packs, multiple types of cables, wireless chargers, and more) I would use this product to its full capacity daily to measure how the tech deals with stress over time.
Thank you for your consideration and I hope to be selected as to help Anker.

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To test the Soundbuds Slim+ I will have two parts to my plan. Part A will be the quality and ease of use and Part B will be the power user - torture test.

Part A - I will use them and compare them to other products I have and use for music and calls.

  • I end up on a lot of calls when I’m at my son’s activities and depend on a device that not only I can hear but that I can be heard with minimal disruption.

  • How comfortable they are and how easy or hard it is for them to fall off.

  • Are the buttons easy to navigate without needing to find a way to see what button I’m pressing.

  • Do they work with all of our devices in the house. Samsung, Apple, Anker Chargers and amazon Kindle

Part B - I will have my 12 year old put them to the test.

  • He lives with his ear buds in, the might actually be necessary for his breathing.

  • They will get the homework test, gaming, music, more music, ignoring his parents, all day at school, skate boarding, basketball… the list goes on but if they can be broken under normal wear conditions we’ll know.

  • He keeps bugging me to set him up a YouTube page so I can record his first YouTube video :smiley: - make him work for it.

Bottom line. Anker products are what keep me out of the poor house because my wife and son can’t kill them and we’d love to try these out too.


My review process is very simple.

My goal is not to sell anyone anything, but to offer my opinions, and reasons why I form said opinions.

It is a somewhat difficult task to review things like soundbuds, and headsets. What I plan on doing is, I will compare these to other bluetooth soundbuds that have been on the market for some time now, models that people most likely have. I will then rank these among those different models. They will be ranked by value, quality, and price.

Big time runner and biomedical scientist here, would love to test these primarily under 2 conditions: during an upcoming half-marathon and at work in the lab.

  1. By using them during an upcoming half-marathon I can review how stable/comfortable they are during long runs, sweat proof, and audio quality while running under windy conditions.

  2. Additionally, as I can’t have wired headphones in the lab while running experiments, testing the wireless Soundbuds slim+ for several hours in the lab while working will allow me to review the battery life under real conditions, call quality, audio quality, range from the cell phone, and long-term (4 hours+) ear comfort.

  3. Given the long use time, especially in the lab, I can review the charging speed during lunch to potentially extend the 7 hour battery life.

Both of these conditions would be important for daily activities and exercise to review many of the primary areas of concern for many potential users. Can share this on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Amazon, Reddit, and on my blog.


As a father of 2 special needs children, we have a unique set of requirements and needs that a product must fulfill. The criteria that we would need to be able to test a product on would be ease of use, durability, and of course fidelity. They would need to function well in a variety of environments and not malfunction after the first careless mistake was made.
If we we’re allowed, as a family, to put these earbuds through their paces, we could create a thorough evaluation in real world settings with real world applications. We would love to report that these earbuds are or are not ideal for support for our sensory sensitive children. Or, if they are just great for a parent’s momentary escape while stealing a few moments alone in a warm bath.


I’m in a wheelchair fulltime. All the bluetooth headphones I’ve tested get interference from the motors.

  1. I would use the Soundbuds Slim+ at least 6 hours per day to test for interference from wheelchair motors.
  2. I would test Soundbuds Slim+ in various enviroments (Dr offices, malls, business locations)
  3. I would promptly report feedback to Anker on the Soundbuds Slim+.

A side note. I use a bunch of Anker products, phone cords, chargers, battery backup (for mobile devices, solar panel phone charger).



I will use my standard test plan that I use for other headphones:

  • Bluetooth range test: typical single family home distance until crop
  • Battery test: run down time: play and check periodically until power down
  • Battery charge time: after run down, charge back up to full, check periodically for status
  • Sound test: standard set of well known tracks, test for response curve shapes (boosted highs, mids, bass), soundstage, etc
  • comparison with high end earbuds: Klipsch X11, mid range: beatsX
  • Fit test: jogging with them to test whether they will stay in
  • Sound isolation test: play white and brown noise, test for isolation with no input to headphones
  • Comfort test: subjective report on usage during testing

I typically post my reviews on:



I would start by testing fit and comfort with various activities and for extended wear. Then battery life at low, medium, and high volumes, along with charging time. After that I would test the sound quality against a wide variety of music types and against audiobooks with both a smartphone and a PC. Finally I would function on cell phone and VOIP calls.

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My plan is:

  • To full charge and run them out of battery 5-10 times to see how long it takes to charge them and see how long the battery lasts.

  • Listen to multiple genres of music to see how they sound, I.E. rap, salsa, reggae, 80’s freestyle, etc…

  • To also test the sound out in different areas to see how well they drown out noise, I.E. gym, home, work, etc…


I work about 10 hours every day…what gets me through the work day is being able to listen to music. I would love to be cordless from my phone as I work in a laboratory handling blood and other human products. Since I would be wearing them for an extended period of time, I could comment about the comfort, durability, functions, and sound quality to name a few. Hope you give me a chance!

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Thank you for the chance.

  1. Repeated time from dead to fully charged
  2. Test on a variety of devices
  • MacBook Pro
  • iPhone 8
  • iPad
  • iPad mini
  • Honda Odyssey
  • HP X2
  1. test on variety of indoor situations
  • Office
  • Small room
  • large room
  • Home
  1. Test on variety of outdoor situations
  • Walk
  • Jog
  • Crossfit
  • Hitfit
  • Stairs
  1. Test on variety of ears
  • Mine
  • Wife
  • 16 year old
  • 14 year old
  1. repeat some or all situations without ear clip if it’s removeable
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