Spread the Word and Win a eufyCam Worth $400



I would use this cam in the back patio and get video of the perps who tried to break in and sprayed my dog with grill cleaner when he wouldn’t let them in. I would place the other by the back shed so that the idgits that broke in and stole my lawn mower and trimmer would get caught.


I would use these at the front and rear of the house.


I plan on using on of the eufyCams to keep an eye on my cat to make sure he isn’t peeing as well as keeping one in the front of the house to keep an eye on our car and tools while we have the garage open and busy elsewhere. <img src="//forumus-uploads-production.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/original/3X/9/a/9a975fdca6999fdbeec2eac661dc1326dbce741b.jpg" width="243" height="500">


done hope for the best :slight_smile:


Shared on Facebook …


@Lucy_Osgood-Mark you have to share a screenshot of it and also state what you’d use the cams for.


Adding to it’s other eufy friends to capture the wildlife outside and see which groundhog is digging up my lawn :slight_smile:


I would use the camera to keep an eye on the things around my property because I have these little kids up the street that like to steal things and I’d like to catch them in the act I hope I win


I would use it for my home protection against people and animals as we live very rural


That’s the trouble when we invade their land!

They keep wondering it, and interfer with our lives lol


I shared to win the Euphy Cam system to keep my rescue husky safe, inside and out. He was brought into a shelter as an abandoned stray before he was a year old. We adopted him from a local rescue at approximately 14 months old. He’s a great dog, but suffers separation anxiety. Monitoring him by camera is part of our Advanced Husky Containment system plans to slowly get him comfortable on his own without fear of abandonment, so he doesn’t try to escape the yard or panic in the house.


I will place this by my front door so I can keep track of packages and see who is at the door live with my Alexa device stream.


Thanks :slight_smile:


I would use it to check who is at my door


I’d hardly call it low cost…


I would use the camera to watch for packages and the driveway and also monitor the backyard because we have dogs that like to roam around the neighborhood so maybe the neighbors would like the cameras too.


Wow can’t believe you do give aways like this, anker you are awesome. Thank you for all your hard work.
I would use this cameras to keep my home safe as there has been a few breaking ins around my area so this would be a great help.


I would use it to keep an eye on things when I’m away.


Would put inside baby’s room watching crib, and outside watching porch and down driveway


We’ve been shopping for a home security with cameras as our home is sort of secluded. So this would be perfect, then we could just add more cameras!