Spread the Word and Win a eufyCam Worth $400



Way to call the kettle black, nice two accounts you have


@Tank You are the real detective we got :male_detective:‍♂

Good catch… Why do people need two accounts when it’s tough to handle one :joy:


Actually if you look closely to what they said there are numerous accounts that appear to be the same


I did notice that… its more about Social share copied / pasted on this post… Hope Anker team is taking note…

Also It’s bit odd and not a good feeling that people have multiple accounts


Users with split personality must have these,
It is allowed by law! :joy:


Actually its not my account its my partner’s account, if you look its his facebook not mine. I accidently wrote on his account instead of mine. Ask before starting to go around acusing people.


That’s a good law you pointed out :grin::joy::joy::joy:

May not be a split personality after all…


That’s good, what with me some days hahaha



Acuse me all you want, here is my Facebook and my fiance’s facebook. As you can clearly see it says we are engaged so no I don’t bloody have double personalities. Plus why would I spend my time faking stuff to win anker products? I have better things to do while you just come here and acuse others without asking first.
@AnkerOfficial here you can see I don’t have double accounts, it was clearly a mistake I thought I was on my account but then I realised I was on his account hence why I deleted the comment.


dang good catch detective tank comes to the rescue!


@Angelina_Cabrita We don’t want to offend or accuse anyone about anything here, it was just an observation and mentioned over forum, and some fun words, all is good gesture.

As long as @AnkerTechnical @AnkerOfficial and all moderators are good, everything is well

Thanks for clarifying, all should be well.


Mac we should start a collection here to donate another hat to your clone!


Sounds good to me.

Just no feathers! lol


You’re totally eligible to enter this giveaway contest. No worries. :grin:


Nice to see we have no shortage of drama in the giveaway :wink:


The pot calling the kettle black. Again.

You accused someone above without asking :rofl:.

Glad to hear your engaged :clap:. Hope you have a great wedding!


Would use it to keep an eye on the baby and the dog. Both have become escape artists.


Would love to have a camera covering my back yard and one that views our cars in the driveway. Thanks guys!


everyone is now duane lester


Bro I’m the original duane lester