Spread the Word and Win a eufyCam Worth $400



I’ve been admiring this wondering how easy it is to install! Having checked out some reviews it looks really easy and love the wireless approach, the magnets look super strong so I’d love to give my house some security both front on the driveway and back as I don’t feel confident with our back door locking system so that’s how I’d use these if I was lucky enough to win!


The cameras are worth it


You can never have too many cameras. I would most likely install this one in my RV for visibility in my home away from home.




@Isabelle238 your pictures never uploaded, please try to edit the post and upload the pics :thumbsup:


Shared on twitter. This would be extremely helpful with my job that requires me to travel a lot and my 5 year old daughter and wife are at home. I will put one camera in the front and the other one in the back of the house to cover the backyard. It will give me peace of mind that my family is safe and I can watch when I am traveling. Also, no more missing packages after installing in the front. I can really put it to very good use. Hope I win. :slight_smile:


These would be great for keeping an eye on our animals that are away from the house and where there is no electricity.


I’d use them to cover the front and back door and yards.


Shared. I would like to use this surveillance camera to watch over my car in the driveway so I can reduce my insurance premium.


Use it to secure my house!


Done :blush: Another amazing opportunity! It is a pleasure to help you increase our community.
I would put one camera at the front of the house and one in the back. Not just to have a peice of mind when I go on holiday but also because my bike was stolen a few weeks ago so I need to keep an eye on what is going on on the ally way behind my house so that doesn’t happen again. Who knows maybe one day I will catch those idiots with the help of these awsome cameras :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’d post the cameras at the main entrances to keep my ex from breaking into my house again…


Thanks for the opportunity! I’ll definitely be using them to secure my house and family!

As you can see I tweeted out to my enormous following and also kissed my own butt (if I didn’t who would)!


I would use it to secure my house :house_with_garden:


II’m in a wheelchair and have a van that is setup for me with a lot of expensive electronics, it was broken into once and my whole stereo system was stolen. I will use the cameras to protect my van.


I will put this outside my back door leading to my deck.


I’ll use it to secure the perimeter in an effort to maximize surveillance… those canine bomb droppers are a menace!


I’d use them to keep an eye on the outside of the house, of course :stuck_out_tongue:




so many entries, good luck everyone!