Spread the Word and Win a eufyCam Worth $400



I would Love to have these eufyCAM E cameras, especially since they are eufy\Anker products.

Wow what a generous offer. That what makes these guys SO GREAT is customer service and involvement in the community.


I would use the Eufy cam for my front door so I can keep track of my packages and make my home safer.


I’ve got a decent security camera setup already, bit this here would be one heck of an upgrade and would make my family feel even more secure.

Keep up the great work Anker! I have yet to find one of your products disappointing.


I’ll use the cameras to watch my front door for porch pirates and my back yard for whatever it is that makes my dogs go insane.


Ill be using the EufyCam outside on my back deck! This would be great so I can keep an eye on everything and would feel much more safe! Thanks yall!


Thanks for the giveaway. Gonna use them to replace older cameras around the perimeter of my house.


Friendly app?


Use at houseboat to monitor activity when not there


Tweeted it a few different ways. I would use one in the back of the house to keep an eye on the kids and the front to see who’s coming and going. These look great but definitely can’t afford em.


I need these to secure all 3 doors of our house.


I would install it on both front and rear entrances of the house. So both porches and yards are visible for extra security. Would feel more secure when at home and away.
Hope I win! :slight_smile:


I would us it in the front and back so I can keep my house safe.


Sharing on twitter too!


Pick me!


If I won the eufyCam I’d use it to enhance security outside of my house. Thanks for the opportunity to win!


Thank you for the giveaway. I shared on Twitter as I do not use Facebook.

Here is a cute video Eufy caught


Would love to install 1 cam at front porch & back deck so I can find out which raccoon is eating all my dogs food outside.


This camera system would be perfect to keep tabs on the front door and driveway as well as the side yard. It would bring great peace of mind!


I like the 2 different mounting options and no subscription model, but I wish it will also support Google assistance.


I travel a lot and it would be very nice to have this setup so I can keep an eye on things while on the road. It would definitely help me feel more confident being away that my family is safe. Thanks!