Spread the Word and Win a eufyCam Worth $400



Is this a “On-call” kind of a stuff where you get called to fix. Asking since I get called once a while when things are broke :frowning:


Yea I work in IT and I’m more or less the only one who works on the stuff I work on. Good times. lol


I know it’s the best but annoying if you buying a house in that ect becuase in may we have got so many it’s like one every week​:joy::joy:



Congrats on the win!!! Super glad to see two familiar names! Definitely some deserving winners!


Congrats winners glad it went to some active members :+1::+1:


Congratulations guys for winning this product…:thumbsup:

I’m sure it went into capable hands and glad it’s you guys :grin:


Congrats guys!


wow wow wow great to win these eufyCam.

Once I receive them I will certainly install them. My family will feel safe for sure. I will also provide feedback as to how these cameras work.

Thanks @AnkerOfficial and congrats to the other winners @ndalby @gAnkster


Wow, that was certainly a shock and surprise but a very welcome one @AnkerOfficial Many Thanks :smile:

Congrats to @gAnkster & @Hermes_Alvarez on their wins, no doubt both will knock it out of the park on reviewing them :thumbsup:


Great to see “old members” being chosen.
That’s what we all here like to see!
@ndalby @gAnkster

I dont know what Neil will do with the camera.
But I am sure @gAnkster will use it to find the ICON which he dropped in that pond.


Congratulations to winners!



Well done guys


thanks @Shenoy


thanks @ndalby enjoy the cameras as well


Yeah! Thanks everybody! Congrats @Hermes_Alvarez and @ndalby - we shall have to see who comes up with the most interesting thing caught on camera!


I know what your going to catch… a video of me stealing that icon…


You’ll never make it past the chickens :chicken:


Ahhh, but I had chickens for many years. I am a chicken whisperer, they cannot stop me! I raised them for meat as well, so I know how to… “make there life come to an end”


You should install the camera in your kitchen to catch the burglar who is greedy of your bottle collection. :joy:


Yes! I think I will also put one in the chicken house for a time - just to see how they behave when I’m not looking. It will also be a good test for dark areas.