Spread the Word and Win a eufyCam Worth $400



Better luck next time man :thumbsup:


Tomorrow the winner should be announced! :smiley_cat:


Tomorrow is Sunday :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Anker teams are off then.

Winner announcement will happen on May 27th :thumbsup:


It’s 2 am 26 May here :smirk_cat:


I would love to own the eufy cam i have never owned any CCTV before would love to use for my amazon delivery’s would be a awesome gadget to own! Also a month ago we had a fight between some pikeys in our neighborhood and i couldn’t record it because i didn’t have any CCTV and i would have loved to sent it of police to help keep my neighborhood safe :relaxed:


Anker said we will get some announcements tomorrow, but it may not be so since it’s Memorial Day :joy:


Usually Anker teams start responding on Community US Sunday evening which is already morning in Asia… It’s 50-50 chances, we may / may not hear announcement.


Good luck every one today is the day!! :+1::+1:


who are the winners - 27/05/2019 13/56pm gmt time


They should be announced by 12:00 pacific time…


sucks to be living in the UK
thanks for the info still have ages to wait :confounded:


Lol, it’s only 16hrs :joy:. Just remember: You probably won’t win. Don’t stress it lol


yeah very unlike but i am hoping :joy:


Good luck guys, keep your alarms and timers ready… Nothing wrong in being hopeful, but winner announcements will take sometime :grin: It is a holiday in US…


Being hopeful, is the juice that runs the forum :wink:


True :grin:


Omg it is too in uk lol


Yes it’s a bank holiday here, but no special reason.

If you’re lucky, in UK you get bank holidays as extra to your holiday entitlement… I did in the call center, and it added up to just over an extra week.

My fiancée tho, in her last job didn’t get it as extra, so it came from her annual leave, meaning she technically lost 8 days from her entitlement.


Okay, here we go. We’re in the home stretch :joy:


I was supposed to be off today… but of course something breaks and I get the call at 11pm to fix it :spy: