Spread the Word and Win a eufyCam Worth $400



Hope you will not get in troubles with the animal protection organization.
You are disturbing the “private sphere” of the chicken. :joy:


Just send the cameras over to me. You dont need them since you have Guardian chickens…


since it is a new sub division we live in, I am certain I will catch lot’s of people looking for 5-finger discount on building materials. I have seen this already lol.


Might get a dunking in some water when doing a review but most of the time it will be probably recording the early morning sprint between the local squirrel and his feathered friends to see who can clear the bird table of seeds & nuts first :laughing:

Not even with the threat of a KFC wrapper and a bottle of hot sauce in hand :wink: :grin:


OK Neil, even without the EUFY camera I will take shot of MY squirrel when hurrying to his secret place. We will swap that! :joy:


Wow! Congrats winners!!! :ok_hand::clap::clap::clap:


Congrats on winning the cameras! :heart:
I’m glad they finally announced the winners lol


I like your words [quote=“ikari04warrior, post:293, topic:69048”]
I’m glad they finally announced the winners lol


Lol this time they were only a day late :clap:


Wow congrats @ndalby, @gAnkster, and @Hermes_Alvarez

Wish I could have won but that’s the way it is. Enjoy y’all prizes


Two pages from one of my favorite books…


thanks @Tank


much appreciated @ikari04warrior


congrats winners


Looking forward to the winners’ reviews :grinning:


Thanks @ikari04warrior & @Tank :ok_hand:


Heard they are very good very jealous :joy::joy::joy:


Congrats @ndalby @Hermes_Alvarez @gAnkster dude I’m expecting some testing with does chickens, maybe you can make a documentary Chickens vs Robovac :joy:


Best line I have heard today - Chicken Vs Robovac :joy:!

Fun aside, will be interesting to see the reviews!


Arrived safe and sound yesterday, thanks again @AnkerOfficial :thumbsup: