Soundcore Life P2 not connecting together

Forget them on your device. Then reset them in the case (put in case, press both buttons for 3 or whatever seconds until 3 red blinks). After resetting them in the charging box you then need to remove both units and watch the LEDs on them. The LEDs light up white and the two buds chat to each other for about fives seconds as they marry up. Then one of them goes dark and the other one starts flashing quickly in pairing mode. Only then you pair to them to your phone. Pair with the one that says P2 (Not the P2-L one). You should get a pair confirmation on your phone too (you won’t get that if it’s still screwed up).


None of this is is helping. I saw that my earbuds kept flashing white when connected. I rested them like told and still flashing so i but black tape over them. When i rested my life dot 2 earbuds they wouldn’t connect to my chrome book. And people are no help. I just gor them like 1 week ago for my b-day and regret it.

oh and i forgot them in my chrome book over and over but they say “Have failed to connect” so im mad now!!!

never mind they work now and i recommend restarting whatever the earbuds wont connect to and forget the earbuds on your bluetooth and then connect after restarting and they should be good also if there is a light flashing just put tape over it cause reseting the earbuds wont fix it

Reset them and then while they are not connected hold them together out of the case and the light will blink once. Then connect them and they should be paired. Spent 2 minutes trying all the things until I did this

Unpair all other Bluetooth headphones, then pair the soundcore headphones again after reset. I had Beat Solo’s paired and they were making my phone believe the two soundcore headphones were single devices. Once I deleted the Beats they worked without problems.

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This fixed my issue, massive thanks!

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I will say as part of the community a thank you.

You did a little search for the topic and found the solution before making a thread for it.

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You’re weclome!

You are welcome as well as anybody that comes here would be more than willing to try to help you if you needed it.

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Thanks Shenoy,
This solved my problem!

Just heard back from Anker’s support folks this morning on this problem, and there’s a troubleshooting step that’s missing from all of the other visible instructions that I could find (until I looked again at Aghanloo’s tip above (Soundcore Life P2 not connecting together).

Here’s what Anker support shared:

  • Firstly try to forget the pairing records (both Soundcore Life P2 and Soundcore Life P2 L) on your device and turn off the Bluetooth.

  • Reset the earbuds via the steps below:

            Place the earbuds into the charging case and make sure they are being charged.

Keep earbuds inside the charging case , press and hold the button on both earbuds for 3 seconds. *The LED indicators will flash red 3 times and then turn white. *

  • **After the reset, take both earbuds out of the charging case to make sure they are successfully paired; you will see the white light flashes quickly on the one earbud and the light flashes slowly on the other side, which means they pair together. ** (I wasn’t able to find this particular step anywhere else on their website until they emailed me the full steps that I’m copying here)

  • Turn on the Bluetooth again and search for Soundcore Life P2 and pair.

After the hard reset, taking the earbuds out of the case and waiting for them to pair to each other via white blinky lights before attempting any other Bluetooth activity resolved the issue for me.

Hope this helps someone else having the same issue.


I wasn’t powering down before placing in case and resetting. This worked and I’m so so grateful. Finally able to listen in both earbuds.


This is the correct answer! The market answer is missing very important steps.

Letting them sinc up for the 5 seconds is what mine needed to work!

Thanks so much for this info. I had to try a few times. The issue I had was waiting for the earbuds to chat or marry each other. Once I got past this step it finally worked. Took me a half hour to finally resolve.

Thank you !!! I was so desappointed about that problem… Thanks to you it’s solved !

This is the only advice that has worked for mine. Thanks a bunch!

Shut off your Bluetooth. Shut the headphones off and put them in the charging case, leave the case open and on the back next to where you plug the case in to charge it is a tiny black button that took me over a year to realize it was there. So hold that button down for 10 seconds or so & they will blink and flash like white but don’t touch anything until both the headphones LED lights turn red and shut off. Then turn on the headphones when you take them out of the case and turn your Bluetooth on & PAIR THEM! I can’t believe I never knew there was a button there! But my right headphone would work and my left one would not connect!!! FINALLY I FIGURED IT OUT! (soundcore liberty 2)

These headphones suck don’t buy this garbage is my suggestion tried 5-10 things from this list old garbage Bluetooth tech in these things or something