Soundcore Life P2 not connecting together

Thanks so much for this info. I had to try a few times. The issue I had was waiting for the earbuds to chat or marry each other. Once I got past this step it finally worked. Took me a half hour to finally resolve.

Thank you !!! I was so desappointed about that problem… Thanks to you it’s solved !

This is the only advice that has worked for mine. Thanks a bunch!

Shut off your Bluetooth. Shut the headphones off and put them in the charging case, leave the case open and on the back next to where you plug the case in to charge it is a tiny black button that took me over a year to realize it was there. So hold that button down for 10 seconds or so & they will blink and flash like white but don’t touch anything until both the headphones LED lights turn red and shut off. Then turn on the headphones when you take them out of the case and turn your Bluetooth on & PAIR THEM! I can’t believe I never knew there was a button there! But my right headphone would work and my left one would not connect!!! FINALLY I FIGURED IT OUT! (soundcore liberty 2)

These headphones suck don’t buy this garbage is my suggestion tried 5-10 things from this list old garbage Bluetooth tech in these things or something

This isn’t helping me either great advice but the left one still won’t play Audio avoid these headphones at all cost