Soundcore Liberty Air 2 right earbud not charging/connecting

I’ve had the Soundcore Liberty 2 earbuds for about 4 months and never had any issues until now. I tend to use just the left earbud about 80% of the time, while the right earbud stays in the charging case.

This weekend I wanted to use both earbuds at the same time but the right earbud wouldn’t connect to my phone. I tried to connect the earbuds to my laptop instead, but it only picked up the left earbud as an available device to connect to. The LED light on the right earbud isn’t lighting up at all, whether inside or outside of the charging case.

I’ve tried resetting the earbuds. I’ve tried cleaning the charge connectors on the right earbud and inside the charging case. No change. The left earbud charges just fine inside the charging case, so I think the issue might be with the right earbud itself, but I suppose it’s also possible that just the right side charging port in the case could be bad?

Any suggestions or advice on what else I might try to fix the issue?

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Sounds like you should contact support.

I’m having same issue today with Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro — the left bud has no light and will not charge. I cleaned contact points on bud and within charging case. I deleted from my phone. I reset both buds in the case w lid open as instructed. What else can I try or do I need to return them?


Sounds like you have covered the main steps. I would suggest either reaching out to or your point of purchase for assistance or replacement (depending which would be quickest).

Thank you, I have provided required info, pics, and video to Support and await next steps. Love my buds, look forward to having a working pair again!

i got the same problem just now, it just happen to my Left earbuds, how do i fix it ?

I followed recommendations under technical support (website) to no avail. I then emailed support, followed their instructions, and ended up w warranty replacement claim. The downside is that I will receive refurbished buds versus new buds. I suggest you perform each recommended step under support/FAQ then if unresolved, file warranty claim. Best wishes!

We have the same problem. First it happened to my husband a month ago and right now to me. I think it’s a manufacturer’s issue.

Same problem. I just brought worked for 10 mins now the right ear not even flashing lights. So frustrated.

Have you shone a flashlight deep into the case to check pins not got debris? Also check the bud.

I do wonder how many users didn’t take the plastic off the bud before putting in case.

resetting box with pressing 10 second and then long press to button that not charging earbud can solve problem. Solved for me.

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Hi I have the same issue. Any suggestion or DIY to fix it?

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Sorry to hijack the thread. But I am suffering the same problem. However, I bought my buds refurbished and they are out of warranty. What can I possibly do? Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks

I had similar issue with my right earbud. I tried to clean both the earbud and the charging port but wasn’t working.
Then I used alcohol solution to clean the earbud and the charging port. Then the right earbud started charging.

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Worked as well.Thank you very much!:*

Try cleaning the pins on both the buds and inside the case with q tips and 91% rubbing alcohol. Mine did the same thing this morning and after doing that they work great. The pins aren’t making good enough contact.

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