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After I found so many new and upcoming releases a few weeks ago (VIVA Pro, HydroClean, Premium Double-Braided Nylon USB-C Cables, PowerLine II 3-in-1 Cable, PowerPort Cube, PowerCore Lite 10000, etc.), the past couple weeks have been dead silent. What could this mean? Well, either Anker is cracking down on me :joy: or - more likely - they are transitioning into a slower release schedule.

Today, I want to hear from all of you guys. That’s right, each and every one of you!

#What are your favorite websites to browse in order to pass time?

You can share anything from tech news sites to blogs… or even weather websites :wink: Please, share your own websites if you have them! Unless, you live in Kansas, you probably won’t find my website very useful, but if you do, feel free to check it out at!

I’ll start by sharing a couple of my own favorites:

Apple, Mac, iOS News and Rumors. …


DON’T FORGET to let us know your favorite websites by replying!

Slickdeals :stuck_out_tongue:

1 Like (Men’s Gear, Gadgets, and Gift Guide) (Outdoor inspired products - Reviews and Buying Guides) (Automotive news, blogs, reviews, etc)

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First off, I find myself spending more time on Youtube then I need to be. But darn it, there are wealths of information to be taken from there. And of course, entertainment. Youtube to me, has become what the library use to be…but right at your fingertips, without leaving the house. But here are my daily sites I visit… now owned by Amazon

And of course the Anker website.

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My bank account, to take a look at my shares! :joy:

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I listen to podcasts to pass the time. I also read a lot in my feedly. Mac Rumors is among my RSS subs, as well as a lot of other tech news sites. Check out the feedly app if you haven’t before!


Reddit, Slickdeals, Facebook, my Google news feed, Amazon and YouTube are the sites where I spend the majority of my time online.


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