PowerDraw Winner Anouncement (Weekly updates)



Nah, I told them to keep them due to my own stupidity lol


Totally agree, I let them know to keep my PB’s and pass it onto the next person who put in.


Not even worth it. I can chalk it up to “read the countries you dumba**” tax on myself lol


am sure Anker willl be kind enough to give back your PBs… there are much more coming up and don’t forget the Auuuccctiiooon !!!


Hi @AnkerOfficial. I haven’t received my prize as yet so just reaching out to see if there is a delay or other reason :wink:


That’s a very long time I got mine in two weeks :frowning:


Congrats to the winners good luck this week


Wow keep the language civil please


His comment was aimed at himself :slight_smile:


Ugh, they pulled the headphones and mouse early. The only one still up on powerdraw is the Eufy Lumos 2.0


These powerdraws and auctions are why I have soo many bucks!

Mind, if UK hadn’t been left out of the mother’s Day draw…


They’re all still available for me… perhaps anker Likes me better?


Oh I know, that was 100000% aimed at my own ignorance. I am never going to throw anything at anyone like that on here. My apologies if it came off as such, that was not my intent in any way.


Sorry didn’t quite get your message :upside_down_face:


weird cause now they are all available again


Nothing of interest in PowerDraw this week, have all of these :worried:


Hopefully next week we can see the newer chargers on the powerdraw


lucky i need some earbuds i have 15 entries lol


Good luck everyone who entered this week!


All the best to everyone who voted :ballot_box: