PowerDraw Winner Anouncement (Weekly updates)



Hi Anker fans,

Thanks to everyone who has participated in our PowerDraw program! We’re totally blown away by the massive amount of interest in our new community giveaways.

Since the PowerDraw program came online, we’ve noticed you guys looking forward to the winning announcement every week. So we’ve decided to update winner lists in one thread, making it that much easier to track results.

Of course, in addition to checking here, you can also visit the completed drawing page to see the results of previous contests.

Thanks for bearing with us as we adjust and evolve. Big congratulations to all of our winners in 2019:

June 10th- June 15th:

@bobbleheaderman, @TerenceManuel, @kumar.sachin

June 3rd- June 7th:

@Chiquinho, @Dmitriy_Lyubchenko, @kiki180703

May 27th- May 31st:

@Scott_Wise, @Andrew_Michaels, @djflem

May 20th- May 24th:

@Fuu_bar, @recensionipersceglie, @BMU

May 13th- May 17th:

@shootertwist, @xiixcg, @Andy_Arevalo

May 6th- May 10th:

@TAcct2557 @SpencerJames @Marko_B

April 29th- May 3rd:

@joshuad11, @SpencerJames, @Hector_Prades

April 22nd- April 26th:

@Alex_Honnor, @cho7a7, @Ashkin1194

April 15th - April 19th:

@Oggyboy, @Ice1, @cmbush

April 8th - April 12th:

@shootertwist, @derobi, @tiagomota

April 1st - April 5th:

@jpzsports, @FTGINC, @Ron_Studd_Jr1

March 25th - March 29th:

@rtena, @Springfield, @nbtaylor

March 18th - March 22nd:

@yamyam, @Lumen_Max, @professor

March 11th - March 15th:

@ktkundy, @paulrobinshaw, @Fancealot

March 4th - March 8th:

@MacBlank, @Gussers, @Nick_von_Ehrenhelm

February 25th - March 1st:

@Kevin_Luc, @Chris_Renshaw, @Raul_Alexandre

February 18th - February 22nd:

@Fox_Mulder, @Mark_Dunsmore, @k_pug2003

February 11th - February 15th:

@cordova.wyne, @shanesomnia, @joshuad11

January 28th - February 1st:

@Noel_Taylor, @downwithvivid, @Monk3e

January 21st - January 25th:

@aylin.schaefer98, @thetonyclay, @s.r.brown

January 14th - January 18th:

@Pedro_Kwiecinski, @Dragon164z, @Sherry_Chen

January 7th - January 11th:

@tugar32, @Chris_Renshaw, @furkist

If you didn’t win this time, no worries. We’ve got many more chances to win headed your way in the every single week. Check out PowerDraw here to get started!

● All winners will receive an email within one week to provide their shipping address. Please check the email address linked to your community account.
● If you have any queries, feel free to send a message to AnkerOffical.

I won!
Power Draw winners
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Congratulations winners! Great idea to put them in one location @AnkerOfficial :slight_smile:


Well done to all winners yeah @AnkerOfficial this is much better way of announcing winners


Agreed, I like the new announcement layout. Congratulations, winners! :tada:


Congrats winners!

I concur, @AnkerOfficial - this is a great format to announce all of the winners.


Congrats to the winners, certainly prefer this method of announcement :clap:


Congratulations to the winners :slight_smile:


congrats to the recent winners...enjoy the goods


Thanks for all the suggestions, you guys make the community getting better and better!:thumbsup:


Congrats winners!!! :blush:


What everyone else said...Congrats to all the winners!


Good solution! Very simple and centralized.


Sweet! I'll keep my eyes open for that email. Once again, thanks Anker!


Yes can't wait for the email my first win


Fantastic yet again!


damn I thought I won something unexpected again:))


I'm happy Anker took our suggestions


Congrats! Thank you Anker!


Well done Anker. And congrats to all the lucky winners out there. Enjoy your new Anker goodness. :slight_smile:


Nice job winners hopefully I win one