PowerDraw Winner Anouncement (Weekly updates)



:joy: :thumbsup:


Voted.?.?. Voted for what?


sorry meant to say entered but found a cool em-joy :slight_smile:


Good luck to everyone excited to see who wins this week


I need a win, where’s my lucky charms at?


I didn’t enter this week. If those had been life NC i would have entered :joy:


Lol my I phone doesn’t have that :joy: pain to use on Android i had to always find the sweet spot


What’s a pain to use on android?


near field communication


at least on my old Samsung


What are you hoping to win? Good luck!!! We all know you more than deserve to win


NFC is not the same as NC like @TechMan was referring to. Hes talking about noise cancelling headphones


i think they do have anc which they call active noise cancellation i like it where you can turn it on and of :relaxed:


I entered for the headphones as my wife wants them for when she’s at work.


I hope you win then best of luck


i wonder who will win i had at the end about 17/20 entries cuz i need a pair for walking good luck :upside_down:


The lifes that are on there do not have nc that can be turned on or off.


ohh mabey looking at the wrong ones


tbh at the end of the day ear buds are buds and does anc make a difference on them?


There are 2 versions, one with NC and the one which is listed on the powerdraw which is the regular…don’t get caught up in what the title says as the noise canceling tech is for phone calls
With NC

Regular without NC