PowerDraw Winner Anouncement (Weekly updates)



Congrats to last weeks winners @shootertwist @Andy_Arevalo @xiixcg :ok_hand:


Congrats to the winners. Went all in on 2 of the products :slight_frown: oh well I guess


Congrats new winners :clap:


I gave up trying to win, everytime headphones pop up I try to win but always fails


Why do you need more earbuds? :joy:


For gifts duh


I had tried the same with PowerPort Atom PD 2, ended up losing lot of PBs… It’s really hard to win on PowerDraw… Auctions are interesting :joy:


Guess we all learn the hard way :joy:


Have won only once on the Powerdraw, invested lot of PBs into these draws, now feel should have saved for events & auctions :laughing:


Lol, I haven’t won yet… hoping to win this week :joy:


Best of luck :thumbsup:

Lumi Stick-On Night Light looks enticing (already own them), with Car Charger Alloy 2 already on an event (you may have chances winning it, so save PBs)


I badly need Lumi lights. @AnkerOfficial are these the first version or the upgraded ones?


Congrats new winners :ok_hand:


@Daiross I’m curious. When are you planning on spending those powerbucks? :joy:


Those lumis lamps, are they V2 or V1


I didn’t see nothing too interesting this week. Will have to wait till the next one


congratulations winners!


Those seem to be the old ones.
But don’t mind, these are perfect!

I installed some here.
Great comfort, bringing some light in my dark, poor existence.


I know you love them @Chiquinho and that’s the reason I want them too… but how did you find out they are v1?


Prob when you are 1 min away from winning a prize you really want in an upcoming auction :joy::joy: