PowerDraw Winner Anouncement (Weekly updates)



Ah, ok.

Ain’t it quiet without Andrew (@TechMan)

Perhaps, for fun we should tag him in every post, to give him something to do when he gets back
. lol


Andrew is out and catching crocodiles! :joy:
So quiet…


His new nickname is Fishermen :joy:


He will find ways, with or without tagging :joy::joy:


If he is urged to be offline he will use bush drums or carrier pigeons to write here.
He needs to be active and hunting for points!


didnt know he would be able to survive being away form the forum this long


Anker Community is addictive… I check on product updates and news here most of time, there are real-time jokes :joy::joy:


im almost always on here even if im not posting im catching up on reading trying to get everything up to date ya know


Nothing wrong with that, when I first joined I lurked for a long time and then finally posted. I even went through every thread and read all the post


This is a great community, that’s for sure :heart::sunglasses:


i post every now and then but i dont want to be useless comments ya know but whether im posting or not im tring to catch up on so much reading


Don’t car about useless comments.
We all often post nonsense.

As long posting of useless comments will not get a real mania, its fine. :wink:


no i support the nonsense conversations that we have on here but i dont deme those useless. thos are usually engaging and fun


Sometimes it is really important to write something beside watts, volts, phones, speakers…


i completely agree its also what builds us as a community getting to know all of you lovely people


I agree with you :thumbsup:


Great thoughts @Chiquinho @ktkundy :clap:


Congrats to last week’s powerdraw winners

How to claim what you win

Congratulations to this week’s winners!!


Congrats this weeks winners!