[New Release] Motion+ | Soundcore’s First Speaker with USB-C!



An USB-A to USB-C cable should be added.
Real USB-C users will already have such an USB-C to USB-C cable. :wink:


That was the point I was trying to make :slight_smile:


@joshuad11 do you have any estimate on when this will be available? I know this can be tricky with how anker is :joy:


Soon, but not yet imminently.


They should just send me one to beta test :man_shrugging::joy:


Finally Anker makes USB-C audio

More please, I’d like to carry 1 less cable and it be smaller without the huge type-A plug.


They must have finally done some market surveys with different people… Remember this?

I laugh so hard every time I go back to read it.


Release is now imminent.


I really like the design of this one. I think probably about the same as you at about 129. Plus I always love the water proof casing… Make it easier to enjoy near a pool.


Hey @joshuad11 has an amazon page been put up for it yet?



Amazon UK page is now up with delivery by Friday 17th, US can’t be that far behind :slight_smile:



they better keep it under 100 bucks or this will not sell well


I disagree. This is a premium speaker, so they’re selling it for a premium price.


Well business is not done with emotions. Anker has not yet attained the status of premium brand.


GBP to USD conversion has it at $127.87 (GBP 99.99) for today’s rate… So this may go for $130~149


I think at launch it’s likely to be a least $99 to $109 but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was at the $120 that @joshuad11 floated in the original post…


“Premium” is in the eye of the beholder :wink:


Also on Amazon US, strangely at $99.99…just under $100 @kumar.sachin perhaps they read your comments :wink: :laughing:

Pre-order with release date of 20th May 2019



That pricing explains why UK gets higher discounts on deals than US :smile: (my observation from recent deals)


You made me spill my drink, laughing at your comment.