[New Release] DashCam Duo is Now Available!



Roav is about to release their first DashCam with dual cameras... take a look!

Features & details

  • All-Around Coverage: Front- and interior-facing wide-angle cameras simultaneously capture the road ahead and your vehicle's interior in crisp 1080p Full HD.
  • Enhanced Night Vision: Dual 323 Sony sensors with world-class F 1.8 lenses and NightHawk Vision technology deliver razor-sharp night-time clarity.
  • Track Your Journey: Built-in GPS automatically records your driving route, location, and speed, ensuring you have all the information for every journey you take.
  • 24/7 Recording: DashCam Duo's parking mode keeps an eye on your vehicle 24 hours a day. If sudden movement is detected, the built-in gravity sensor activates the camera to record the situation. Note: Use of this function requires a hardwire kit (Not Included) to provide a constant power supply. Once enabled, Parking Mode will activate 5 minutes after the car has stopped.
  • What's in the Box: Roav DashCam Duo, 2-port car charger, 3.5 mm power cable, 2-piece 3M mount, trim removal tool, user manual, Happy Card, our 12-month product replacement warranty, and friendly customer service.

Pricing and Availability: Roav’s DashCam Duo is now available to order via Amazon US for a cost of $129.99, and should begin shipping on May 30.

What is your thoughts on Roav’s first dual camera setup? Be sure to share them with us down below!

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OK! Now I am getting more excited here! What are the specs on this device? Not enough information to give it an actual estimate. What about it versus a C2 Pro? Does it compare? I have been pondering purchasing a dashcam for quite some time and if this is better than the C2 Pro and just a tad bit cheaper than I would say let me see the specs so I can make a fair comparison! Thank you for the post, I am again excited about a probable purchase!


Glad you’re excited! More details should become available shortly.


From its look, I thought it was a front and rear recording dashcam at first...but nothing in the description covers rear recording...price I'm guessing at around $119


That was my initial reaction, too!

Definitely looks different than past DashCams.


Also makes me wonder how good the hold will be due to the size...heard about a number of similar designed dashcams (that cover front/back) having poorer hold due to the design and weight distribution...


My father in-law has one similar in his pickup truck and it hasn't moved since he installed it almost a year ago. Hopefully the mount included with this will be similar.

As far as the style, this makes it easy to transition to a dual camera setup. The old style dashcam didn't really have the space for a dual len's setup, but this style does and it wouldn't surprise me if they use this as the basis for that dashcam. I am curious to see how the 6 lens setup works for clarity and playback, can't say I ever saw a dashcam use this type of lens system so it's gonna be interesting.


Ooooh. Does this video the cab and the road?


I got that impression, too, from the image. It's hard to tell what's going on there, if it's showing only one side of the dashcam - which means a camera pointed inwards - of if it's a composition - in which case I don't understand the leftmost side...


My thoughts exactly! I was kind of hoping it was a dual cam.


This is what I'm waiting for. I like my cameras from Roav but this one looks like a more useful dash cam.


This surely looks like a dual cam - front and inside the car, there may be hidden cam in the middle front


Very cool I've been asking for Anker to make a duel dash cam for over a year.

@AnkerOfficial I would love to take this cam for a test drive :wink::slight_smile:


Maybe we will involve it into the we love testing programs.:grin:

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Ooh pick me pick me, my wife took my dashcam and is using it in her car. Can't argue with her because she wired it in herself


Would be down for testing if it's a front/rear version :heart_eyes:...
...especially now it has GPS (which was my only disappointment on the C1 I got to test under the PU program)...


I have been wanting a good dashcam for quite sometime. So I am definitely in for the testing. I still will get the C2 Pro, tax return season is literally right around the corner and by the time the testing contest is over I should have it. We have a total of 3 cars, so each car with a dashcam would be great!


Sure yeah, looking around for dashcams for a while, finally bought a basic version for 1 and testing it now. Thought of buying another one if it serves the purpose, but if there is a nice Roav dashcam, would definitely love to test it...:heart_eyes:


This design looks great!