[New Release] DashCam Duo is Now Available!



Im gonna need one of these lol. So I can document the craziness of Michigan Drivers. LOL!


Nice, thanks for sharing!


This is a game changer - I love this idea!


Defo looks like it’s got front and rear cameras looking at that image which is great. Would love one of these.

My C1 caught my wife crashing the car perfectly


Everyone talking about it being dual cameras, yes we all want that, but if it was dual cameras it would have been stated in the specs … And I’m sure @joshuad11 would have highlighted it as such.


That dashcam has my name written all over it :wink:


Anybody know the price here?


I am waiting on specifications and price for this dashcam. I am thrilled about the C2 Pro so hopefully this one is better.


Not yet! Feel free to take a stab at it, though.


I am thinking $179.99, this is based on the C2 Pro current price plus new features and upgraded hardware.


im gonna say $124.99


I say it’s gonna be priced around $149.99


$159.99 would be competitive price, and this will come down with time and discounts


It looks like a dual dashcam. the camera facing towards us seems to be inner cabin camera… and I think there is another humongous camera on the front side (on the front) that captures 4 lanes of traffic on the highway…
@AnkerOfficial wrote “Comprised of 6 lens elements”, some folks are taking it as if there are 6 lenses (6 cameras) in this unit… No, it isn’t the case (at least what I think of it)… 6 element lens is a single optical device made up of 6 pieces of glasses optically engineered to join together in such a way that there are only two surfaces in contact with air. Elements or Element Groups are different terms used in latest optical world.
But, more elements is not always good. It doesn’t mean a 12 element lens is superb one. That’s why I always focus on the brand recognition and personal experience on real footage you get out of a lens.
I am really impressed with Roav S1 lens construction and it is doing superb job in one of my cars. Hoping to get an upgrade to S1 in this upcoming dashcam.


$124.99 is the right price for a dual dash cam.


ohhh can’t wait to see the reviews been holding out for a dash cam forever and think it’s really about time I get one


of course, I JUST bought the S1, it’s good, and I’m assuming this release is what made the price drop for the S1, so I got it on sale. I’ve only really used it one day so far, but honestly NO complaints so far. There were some things I was worried about when I ordered it, but they were gone quickly upon receiving, installing and using the cam for one night. Review coming


Front and in cabin recording has already been done. Search for Vantrue N2 Pro on Amazon. That is currently what I am using in my truck and it’s been awesome. I have it hardwired so that I can take advantage of the motion detection feature.


@deeznutz that is a good idea to get it hardwired. Did you tap into a circuit or use a new fused circuit? Or wire it straight to the battery? I am too interested in doing that when I decide on which dashcam to get. Right now I am all in for the C2 Pro but we will see how this one turns out.


@deeznutz Been looking at the Vantrue for awhile, but decided to use a separate dash cam for the rear. I like that you can partially see if anybody sideswipes your car but how is the quality of the rear camera during the day and night if somebody rear ends you. Able to see the license plates? Or is it just good for the interior cabin? The reviews are pretty decent so hopefully the S2 is just as good or better.