My DashCam Duo Review

I was sent this dash cam to beta and help work through some initial issues, I was granted permission to go ahead and post my unbiased review. I hope that its up to everyones satisfaction and if you have any questions about the product feel free to ask and I will answer the best I can.

For starters there is no retail packaging as I received this in a plane white box along with the window mount, wire harness, hardwire kit, and cigarette lighter adapter. We all know what most of this looks like so I didn’t bother to take any pictures… the only thing you guys might not have seen before is the hardwire kit, this is important to have if you plan on using this in your car and want to continuously have it monitor around the clock. The dash cam relies on the use of Super capacitors so it needs to have a power source at all time, the hardwire kit connects to your OBD port and is wired to a USB input. This way you can plug or unplug your dash cam as needed and leave it connected to your obd port at all times.

As for the camera, Its rather small and to be honest the screen size may turn some users away due to how small it is. But the small screen size allows this to maintain a small footprint and can be slightly hidden behind the mirror…I prefer this as its rather stealthy and less obvious to others that you have a dash cam yet alone a dual dash cam. I do not drive for uber or lyft so I have no worries about advising others that they will be recorded as only myself and my family will be in the car. I have the cameras overall dimensions at 4" X 1 1/4"X just under 1.5"

In my last photo you can see how easily the screen is scratched, and yes I did handle the dash cam a lot moving it from car to car. Initially I had a hard mount, but Roav sent me a suction mount as others including myself have preferred that. This allows for you to position the camera where it is ideal for you and not bound to one set position. You can also see that I have the interior camera Positioned differenty than stock, in the stock form you are able to adjust and swivel the camera about 60 degrees either up or down, the mount also allows you to swivel the camera left or right about 180 degrees…I often did this when I parked against a wall so that I can get emergency recordings if anything was going on around my car.

When set up you can have the display turned on and show just the front camera, the rear camera or do a picture in picture and have it display both cameras. You can also choose to have the screen turned off and not display anything. The following photos are various settings you can choose.

As for the actual recording and footage, I have found that the camera is much better than my previous C1 pro but only just slightly. The lens on this camera seems to capture everything better than the previous camera, but it still washes the colors out a bit and seems to overexposed. maybe its just me and they did release a few firmware updates to address various issues users had, but the video got just slightly better with each update. Now I know my unit was a beta unit and maybe the final release will be different but I do not know since i only have this one. I do like that when going over the files you can choose the interior files separate from the front files and they are not saved as a picture in picture. This was my biggest concern as you may or may not want to show the interior or exterior when sharing the files, so at least you can choose and separate them.
This is a screenshot of the file thumbnails, as you can see there are entries for the front and rear camera…hopefully you can see them

Here is a video of actual camera footage

here is a video of the c1 pro, you can tell the difference…


Nice review :+1:. Some questions…

  1. Is the quality high enough to be able to read license plate numbers? I watched the video, but I couldn’t tell if you just blurred them out, or if it normally looked like that,…

  2. Would it be possible for you to upload a video of the C1 pro quality? I’ve never used either, and I think a comparison would be nice…

  3. Can this automatically upload the videos to a cloud when you get home one the WiFi? Or is it just on an SD card?

I would love to be chosen to beta test some products lol

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yes you can read the plates, its kinda hard to do unless you slow the video down. I didn’t blur anything out.

C1 pro video is now added.

i always pulled the micro sd card, never used or tried the app. if it even works with it I don’t know


Nice review @Tank

@TechMan there is no cloud automatic upload on Duo, it’s only MicroSD card read.

Also Anker provides Software to read check on the GPS (computer version player) that can play GPS information. There is no other app apart from this for Smartphones.

I just got the clearance email from Anker Roav Team to share review / details on Dashcam Duo.


Nice review. I haven’t gotten my email yet :frowning:


Excellent review! Does it have microphone? I Watched Both videos but no sound.Thanks for first review on newest model dash cam :sunglasses:


Believe they are sending it one sequentially, you should be receiving them soon.


Yes it has a microphone, but I ha e it turned off because its really sensitive and I listen to music really loud with a lot of bass. So I often clips the microphone so its turned off

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Nice review, its great that you added the C1 video to compare both cameras.

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Great review

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awesome thanks for sharing!

Good review @Tank looks a great device, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Really nice review love the quality of the content

Very nice review @Tank :thumbsup:
Dashcam looks great

I’m not noticing any huge difference.

Doesn’t the new 1 record inside the car?

Would be interesting how it gets on with night time … Total darkness

Yes the new one has in car recording, but I didn’t post it because y’all don’t want to stare at me driving for 10 minutes :joy:

And there is a difference between the two, but it’s easier to tell If you view the videos in a computer. As for night videos, I’ll try to get them uploaded so you can see the difference

Its Duo So Its have Inside And Outside Recording. No Any other Roav Dash Cams Had It Before.

I Also Waiting To Night Time Video,just want to see how it shows license plates.

There are several very similar looking made in Schengen dash cams!

I’ve seen several dashcam videos, and the daytime is real clear, but nightime, is like the camera is wearing sunglasses at night!

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