My anker 10000 is not charging

I bought an anker powerpack from Amazon in September 2018 it worked until Christmas Day. I’ve charged it with the lead it came with & a fast plug but has only 1 constant blue light & a second flashing. It’s been charging overnight. I’m really disappointed as I’d done my research & it appeared to be a good make. Is it only supposed to last 3 months?


Do a reset of the pb.
How to is easy to find here.
Otherwise you should use another cable.
If there is still an issue, tell us.

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Please try and use a different cable, as the one included may be bad… It is after all a micro USB cable and regardless of brand we all know how finicky they can be


How do I reset? I’ve looked at the manual & can’t see any instructions & nothing on YouTube.

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@ruthmarymcn - you can connect the Usb port of the powerbank to the micro-usb port with the cable provided. This will reset the internal circuit. Keep it like this for 3-5 seconds.

Here is a thread that can help


Fab, thanks


I generally try and replace these OEM cords. They tend to be a lower grade than the one Anker sells.

If the powerbank is bad. This is rare. Anker powercores and other products are designed to last for years. They even come with 18 month warranties. I would contact @AnkerSupport and see what they can do for you. To speed up the support process, tell them what troubleshooting steps you have tried and the results you got. Also give them the product serial number, order number and where you purchased the powercore.

It may take a few days for them to respond. Support is closed but may have limit staff on duty and its a 4 day holiday weekend for many companies.

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Maybe the cable has broken.

Thanks, appreciate your advice

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Thanks for all your advice. I’ve done what you all suggested and it’s working fine now.
Really appreciate this support.

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Cheers, thanks for the update and glad it’s working for you now. Don’t hesitate to ask if you ever need help with anything else.

Awesome. What was the issue? A bad cable?

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I am also curious: how did you solve the problem ? You know, this might help also other users…

I’ve had this problem before i just got a replacement…

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Ok, replacement is good, that proves the Anker custom service.
Since I am a technical guy: I am very interested in problem solutions !

I buy one week ago power bank 10400 mah but it’s not charging what can I do now?

Hi i have purchased the powerbank II 10000 and the device doesnt seem to be charging. I have tried two differant cables. One supplied with the device and another cable that i know is working fine. I have noticed i get no lights when the device is connected to a power source. I have left the device overnight to get charged with no effect. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

Hi @Kammy_akram,
What wall charger are you currently using with the powerbank? Does trying a different wall charger make a difference?

We dont have any Walmart here. :neutral_face:
They tried to get into the market some time ago,
but were not successful so gave up.

I bought the Powercore II Slim 10000 Ultraslim in December 2017. It has always been a pain to charge - I have to constantly and repeatedly disconnect and reconnect the powercore then watch it for hours to tinker with it every time it stops charging. Now the powercore will not charge at all. How can you market something as poor as this product???