Introducing PowerIQ 3.0 | PowerPort+ Atom III

It’s a big day, Anker fans!

The latest generation of our high-speed charging technology, PowerIQ, has arrived. With expanded compatibility for both the Quick Charge protocol and Power Delivery, PowerIQ 3.0 is the most compatible, powerful, charging technology to date.

Unlike previous iterations of PowerIQ, the third generation is powered by USB-C. This means that it fast-charges not only your mobile devices, but also tablets, laptops, game systems, and more; all from a single port.

PowerIQ generations 1-3.

PowerIQ 3.0 is available now inside our newest premium wall charger: PowerPort+ Atom III (Two Ports).

Equipped with dual ports that pump out a combined 60W, Atom III has the power to charge a MacBook at full speed—while being 15% smaller than the MacBook Pro’s stock charger, and including an additional USB-A charging port.

Atom III’s reduced size is due to GaN (gallium nitride), the highly-efficient material with which we’ve replaced silicon in the Atom series. Using GaN has allowed us to create chargers much smaller than their standard counterparts, without sacrificing a single watt of charging power.

If you’re ready to #PowerOnWithPowerIQ3.0 or get #GreaterWithGaN (okay, that’s enough hashtags), click on over to Amazon to learn more about how PowerPort+ Atom III makes standard stock chargers obsolete.

We have a gigawatt of electrifying news to share about PowerIQ 3.0 in the coming months, so keep your eyes here and on our social media for more.

Until then, fans, #PowerOn! (okay, one more hashtag)


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Thanks for sharing @AnkerTechnical :thumbsup:

All of this was already posted yesterday by @joshuad11 :slight_smile: and has a long thread of discussion


Thanks for posting… may be it’s better to merge these 2 threads?

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So the USB-A port is still IQ 2.0

Have requested this on Joshuad11’s post… :grin:

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True… IQ3.0 USB-A is coming in next upgrade…?

[quote=“Shenoy, post:6, topic:68943”]
Have requested this on Joshuad11’s post… :grin:
[/quote] Thanks ! :grin:

The only problem, is I know that @joshuad11’s post would get closed, when it shouldn’t be, since he was first…

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Well, it’s not a problem, as they merge all the discussions as well. If you are worried about points Josh had more than enough already :grin:

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That’s not what I’m concerned about. I’m worried about censorship. They shouldn’t just delete Josh’s post because they wanted to post the same thing themselves.

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Not that cut and dry, as a contributor Josh is privy to information on certain upcoming items, so therefore could have checked with the admins before posting if they were planning there own post (which he may well have done as well)…

Pretty awesome!

Would love to see these with a detachable extension cord.

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There’s nothing in the rules about having to check with the admins before posting.

His post is competely compliment with the rules, and therefore shouldn’t be removed. End of story

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Erm, where did I mention rules? Re-read my previous…its not that cut and dry as private conversations are ongoing in the background to which this new item and tech were mentioned…

It’s a new tech and like I said Josh, like myself and a few others are privy to information on certain upcoming items…I would consider it a common courtesy to allow the company themselves to reveal the tech…

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I dont think its as simple as you seem to think it is. i could be wrong because i have no experience that Josh does or other people higher up but i feel like there is more to it than you think

While this is sometimes true, unfortunately none of that information has really been able to go to use.

I have never posted anything that is not publicly available.

Any information from the admins did not help me in any way make that post.

I try to get news to the Community the fastest.

@ndalby, how do you not understand that they revealed the tech before I posted anything about it?! I simply shared it before they did.


This is what I thought, but I didn’t want to put words in your mouth :grin:. You’ve mentioned similar things in other threads.

I’m tired of seeing your posts closed, just because the admins wanted to post the same thing.

I don’t want to disrespect the admins, because they truly are great! But seeing that happen is simply unjust.

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you do a great job of getting the new to the community so fast so we thank you so much

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Had seen the post from Anker early this morning, and mentioned it to Anker in a post. They should merge that post into the original thread your started.

Do keep doing what you do the best - reviews and share them :ok_hand: :pray:

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Thanks Josh for all your hard work. Staying so informed about the community must be challenging, How do you do it?

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