Introducing PowerIQ 3.0 | PowerPort+ Atom III

@Shenoy that was this post :joy:

@moser.alias this is a quote from @joshuad11

I was referring to this post here :joy:

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Omg this is powerful! This is gonna be really useful!

Agreed. :thumbsup:

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@joshuad11 I didn’t say any of the information from the admins was used to create this post and at no point did I say you posted something that was not publicly available (or announced elsewhere by Anker)…all I said is that we are privy to information on some upcoming products…which in turn from a common sense standpoint we would know that Anker would no doubt announcing within the community…so why try to beat them to it?

Don’t get me wrong I have no issue with you posting first, second, third or forth, my comments were directed towards @TechMan in regard to the fact that things are often going on behind the scenes that he is not aware of, which can put into context why things like this can happen…it was not an attack on you personally…

Just to clarify, as far as I am aware none of @joshuad11 posts have been closed or merged (by myself) when the admins are later to the party to post about it…the last post closure he had was I believe in March this year, when he duplicated a new product topic that had been announced several days before…

This is true, the post I was thinking of wasn’t Josh’s. It was the one about the T-shirt’s.

I know you have a reason for closing that one (ankerofficals post had something about sharing a photo on social media), I still think it is uncool.

If Josh started a thread (for example) about the Star contributors one year anniversary, and then I started the same thread, but included a link to the original topic, and thanked the star contributors for there contributions, (both of which josh didn’t include) would you close his thread?

Sorry if this seems personal. I know you try your best to be fair, and you have done very well in the past. I’m not mad, just a little frustrated. I hope you understand what I’m saying, and don’t take it the wrong way.

Trust me I get where your coming from but alas this involves a site admin post so the same rules do not essentially apply, after all it is their site…however as to your analogy, for me, it would depend on several factors such as the general thread uptake, post quality etc but in most instances I’ve merged to or favoured the first member to post…

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This is my problem. This attitude/outlook is censorship.

I think if the admins “repost” it’s best to let them do the merging/closing of threads

Which is why nothing has been done yet and probably will not…the previous duplicate thread which was merged to the site admin version took preference mainly to keep the content of the posts in context…unfortunately its a balancing act which will never please everyone :raised_hands:


No, PD (or a mimic) does not work through A!

I’m not aware of any of my posts that have been closed (?).

What happens is I beat the admins to a post and then they both remain open, which is fine with me. The difference is theirs gets pinned and mine doesn’t, so it attracts more attention even though I shared the news faster… :confused: They don’t have to follow the rules.

[quote=“ndalby, post:25, topic:68943”]
from a common sense standpoint we would know that Anker would no doubt announcing within the community…so why try to beat them to it?
[/quote]Whoa, whoa there.

It is far from common sense. Do you realize how many products go by without a formal announcement? The majority! Even if they plan to share information on it, as soon as I have the information, I am not going to wait to post (once I find the time). I want to help delivery news to the Community as fast as everyone deserves.

Obviously the admins could post before the information was public if they wanted to, but they very rarely do.


I was thinking it was your post, but then I remembered it was someone else’s.

It doesn’t matter who it is, if they beat the admins, they’re post shouldn’t be closed…

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YEAH! This is what all us PD people have been waiting for! Nice work @AnkerTechnical!

a GIGAWATT?! Even I don’t need that much power :joy:

What are you making, a delorean battery?!?! Just so you know, the spec on that is 1.2 gigawatts.

Okay, I just realized I’m replying too many times, so will be addressing several concerns in this reply (separated by horizontal rules).

[quote=“ndalby, post:11, topic:68943”]
Not that cut and dry
[/quote]In my opinion, it is that cut and dry.

[quote=“TechMan, post:29, topic:68943”]
I think if the admins “repost” it’s best to let them do the merging/closing of threads
[/quote]Sure. But as @ndalby said he wasn’t going to do anything anyway. I think our moderators handle the matter well.

Also, I’ve had a few poor experiences with admins closing my post (both here about the Roav VIVA and on Reddit about the IFA products). I was very mad about it.

That’s something I think Anker as a whole needs to understand better. Once something is public, it’s public. There’s no going back to change it. It looks worse if you try to cover it up. Overall not too many issues regarding my posts, but there are major issues with Anker’s communication as a whole (see bottom of this post for my spiel on that).

[quote=“moser.alias, post:20, topic:68943, full:true”]
Thanks Josh for all your hard work. Staying so informed about the community must be challenging, How do you do it?
[/quote]Thank you. It’s always refreshing to hear that what I do is appreciated by someone.

As @TechMan brought up, what I do involves constant Amazon searching and lots of browsing various places on the web. To reiterate, it’s all public information.

For anyone that’s interested (probably nobody), this is why I started doing what I do:

Anker’s lack of communication infuriates me. I love Anker (customer service, products, giveaways, etc.), which means I might be a little more harsh on them than other companies. But they don’t communicate well at all, internally or externally, I believe.

Their products are rarely properly announced (which in my opinion is via official press releases). When they do unveil products, details are missing and release dates are unreliable. The worst part is they don’t update you on any of their products after their announcement (until a second or third official announcement), even if they’ve missed their target launch time by months or even years.

This is really sad because I believe their sales could be so much better if they just communicated better.

The other major issue is their product lines. They’re a mess. Way too many products in one area with very few differences. And their lack of communication only makes matters worse when consumers are trying to decide which one to get.

All of this and more inspired me to try my best to deliver Anker’s news how it should be done. Of course, my ability to do this is severely restricted because I simply lack the info (and permission) to share everything Anker knows about at the right times. So what I do is share anything that’s out there on the world wide web that Anker has not already officially posted on their official forums.

Okay, that’s enough ranting for now.


Nah really…only been here since 2016 but must have had my eyes closed for the majority of the time :wink: :grin:

As I’ve said numerous times in these differences of opinion, I do agree on a number of your standpoints but in the same light I also try to balance it with a certain amount of etiquette based on information which has been shared with us, which in many ways statements like these don’t often go hand in hand…

If at the time the admins say go, spread the word, start topics etc then fair do, we don’t end up with these duplicate posts with any possible soreness over an admin thread possibly outshining/competing/piggybacking another in the long run…

This in the end is just an opinion…you have yours, members without a doubt have theirs…this just happens to be mine…

So if by any chance this thread remains open with the spiral…how about we get back to what it is about the Anker tech and product?

I should have clarified… How many have been formally announced not by forum members, but by Anker itself? (via press releases or an official community post) :wink:

As you know, this point is irrelevant because we are not allowed to use any of the information which has been shared with us (per the NDA). That’s why I believe the current system seems more appropriate for a senior member benefit, and not star contributors since it’s not helping us make content.

All the power is in the hands of the admins to beat me to it… they just usually don’t for whatever reason. I would not be mad at all if they beat me to it. That would make me proud of Anker.[quote=“ndalby, post:38, topic:68943”]
how about we get back to what it is about the Anker tech and product?
I don’t disagree, but this is all stuff that needs to be discussed. It’s a good discussion.

Also what ends up happening sometimes is when members truly analyze the product the admins remove some of the critical comments / brush them off as if they are non-issues… When in reality we know that not every product is the best for everyone, and it’s important for us as a community to make that clear to as many people as possible - again, it’s not Anker’s responsibility, but ours, which means they shouldn’t delete those comments or try to counter them. That being said, an explanation for why a product is the way it is is okay and even appreciated.

I agree. I can think of one specific post (not gonna mention which) that was started by several people, and closed by anker. It was information they didn’t want out yet.

This is all true. My two biggest problems are so many products that are similar, and there un-updated website. There websites annoy me so much. Often I want to go browse for some anker products I want/need, and can’t find them on the website, so I just give up.

They need to Hire someone full time go update there website, and announce new products. This same person could be (semi)-full-time on the anker community as well. This would cover many areas that anker is lacking, and (as you stated) boost there sales. I know I would have a higher chance of buying from them!

I have been meaning to start a wishlist of anker products I want for months, but have procrastinated due to there disfunctional website. I just started it yesterday, and gave up because it became so much of a pain.

Often times products are on there websites, but can be searched for or found from the homepage. I sometimes come across links (via google search) to there website, for products that simply can’t be found!