Giveaway. For real. Optimus Prime is Online now

Winner, Winner!

Get a squirrel dinner, @TheDude

@Fuu_bar, you win, too.

@Chiquinho come on down … you win, too!

Comment below with your choice 755 or 733.

Fill out this form, and I’ll arrange the order and shipping.

Congratulations everyone. If you didn’t win, trust that this isn’t your last chance:)

*UPDATE **Here’s how to enter: Post a picture of your favorite (or just the closest, I know choosing a fave is hard) Anker product with your pet and post it in this thread. **

I’ll choose at random the top 3 on Friday morning (-6 GMT). (Don’t love random selection for photo challenges, but look at the position @TheDude and @Fuu-bar are putting me in with their pets. How could I pick if this is how y’all gonna play me.)

OK. We’ve got Optimus Prime on our 733 and 735.

And I’ve got three devices (total) to giveaway. That’s right – the winners get their choice of the 733 (powerbank) or the 735 (charger).

The only problem is … how can you win one? Here are my ideas, and I lean on your wise council, Anker Forum, to guide me.

Vote in the comments.

  1. Post a photo of your Anker Closet
  2. Share a photo of your pet with your favorite Anker device
  3. It’s almost Mother’s Day in the US … got a pic of your mom with your fave Anker product?

In the case of photos, we’re completely OK with AI-generated images, including those of the Pope charging his bubble car.

What say ye?

Edit: Correction on charger/powerbank model id


Meet Vivica A SQUIRREL!


hahahahaha! You have NO IDEA how much I want to adore squirrels … but I just cannot, lol. This one is sure cute, and seems quite proud to be Anker’s newest spokesquirrel.

Welcome to the Anker Family, Vivica. (Say hey to your cousin Fox for us! Loved her in Kill Bill.)


“You Woke Me Up For This?” - Sunny


Sunny is a masters level snuggler I can tell. Sunny doesn’t need extra power, but when Sunny is running low, Sunny chooses Anker.

Good job Sunny!

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I knew I could charge the 521 through a normal DC plug, but the manual mentioned nothing about The Force being able to charge it.


That’s me out…no pets or big game PowerBank items :rofl:

@AnkerOfficial I would advise making the ‘update’ you posted in bold and bigger font…

Good luck to the members entering, I’ll catch ya on the next one :wink:

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I will accept whatever you define as pets. Got a stuffie, @ndalby? No need for PPS either.


No pet.
May be I can persuade neighbor’s cat Lizzy. :smile:

1. Post a photo of your Anker Closet

really my closet :rofl:


And this is why I held on to hope that the community would come back @Chiquinho looks like there is a chance!


@AnkerOfficial in the post you say “733 (charger) or the 735 (powerbank).” But I’m pretty sure it is the other way around the 733 is the powerbank and 735 is the charger


My old girl Lizzy is not as impressed by the 521 as I am but love her anyway. :slight_smile:


I concur @ktkundy The tall one the 733 is the powerbanks and the 735 is the charger.

I will say that of the new powerbanks that I do find the 733 a pretty nice device and my favorite of the new devices (GaNPrime devices)

I will say good luck to you all on the contest.

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I’m digging the 733 because it has a wall charger as well.

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Agreed the 733 power bank is really appealing its been on my wish list for a while but I haven’t gone in on it yet

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Oh ja I have chargers.
A really old one.
But the best one! :laughing:

Works perfectly since many years.

I will use or better such a “mini” one I have in use.

We never gave up Kaitlyn, thats true!

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Same here… Part of my reason for not is that I have been pretty busy here lately. I had been promoted to a supervisor here in the last few weeks, wife has been doing overtime for her work for like several weeks and I have had to take on several extra duties at work and home…

Lastly I should be getting another device in the next few days or so and I should be satisfied for a bit as I play around with its functionality . :slight_smile:

I actually like the 733 as well.

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OK, no chance to find LIzzy (neighbour’s cat) .
Too cold outside here in München (9C)

So I will use this “pet”.
If someone is interested to get more information about this figurine, please let me know.


I can’t bear to even check right now. You’re probably right. My brain was not right yesterday, lol!

Will edit later:) TY for letting me know!

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But that is an adorable piece of pottery! Did you get your pet at the flea market? :smile: