FCC - Homebase 2

New FCC listing has been posted for the Homebase 2, most likely to control the upcoming new generation EufyCam’s 2 & 2C

More information to be posted as the FCC is updated.


Has the 920mhz for the door sensors & older cams as well

The homebase should be compatible with all the cameras. Theh did say they were working on updated models to fix various issue, so they would be shooting themselves in the foot even more if it couldnt work with all of them

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Question is would you want a homebase with a fixed 16gb?

The homebases support upto 16 cams, they have said about a backup feature for the doorbell & security light coming later

That 16gb won’t last long at all if used to its full potential

new cameras only. Feels like a poor move.

Where have you heard that?

The way Anker have described the new homebase before is that it will be a replacement for the original that has homekit compatibility

Original post said " most likely to control the upcoming new generation EufyCam’s 2 & 2C only."

Yes, I removed the only until we have more information…wasn’t certain who’s @Haloweenhamster comment was originally aimed at :raised_hands:

@ndalby didn’t even notice the 2 & 2c only in your post
I was responding to

Reading this, perhaps they aren’t compatible

That’s what my original assumption was as well, guess we will have to wait and see :slightly_smiling_face:

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yea i saw that too which reinforced my comment. Its going to be a poor move on Anker’s part to be doing that… I think they will be the first ones to ever release a new base station that doesn’t work with all supported camera models. And so close to when the original and second have been released.

oh well :man_shrugging:

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Just watched an Arlo pro 3 review, they have also removed the SD card reader on the latest homebase

Wonder why companies are going to internal fixed storage?

I would like to say due to read/write issues which could occur but I’m thinking more it’s perhaps to push users more towards a cloud based subscription?

Also when the memory starts to fail after the warranty is up you have to buy a new homebase instead of just a microSD card for $10. lol

It’s also cheaper to manufacture built in memory than a memory slot supposedly.

I wonder if there are plans to make it compatible with rtsp like they did for the first gen?

well this isn’t good, just found this in the app

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Looks like my original gut feeling may have been confirmed, unless it gets opened up at a later date by a firmware update…

Wonder if the range is better on version 2 :thinking:

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