Apple Home Kit compatible?

any updates on when, and if, we can connect the eufy cams to our Home Apple kits setup?

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Sorry buddy, no news from Anker/eufy on this topic. They must be working in the backend with Apple team.
However, we need to wait until Apple releases IOS 13 in fall, hopefully eufy will work out their issues by then and make it available for us.


Thank you very much for the opportunity!:smile:

I’m confused :confused:

Hello! @wase4711 We are excited to be working with Apple on the next generation of home security solutions and share its commitment to protecting user privacy. We look forward to sharing more at a later date.” But we’re sincerely sorry that the current eufyCam system cannot support the HomeKit since both of its software and hardware still needs upgrading. Our engineer team will try to realize this function in the next generation of eufyCam series. Sincerely apologize for the long waiting in advance and thanks so much for your valuable time!

ok, thanks for that

@AnkerOfficial hi Anker, I bought the eufycam last week and was very impressed with its functionality and clarity of video, however I am really after a HomeKit compatible camera system and bought the eufycam confused about compatibility. The store I purchased it from said I could exchange it, my luck they just started selling the eufycam 2C this week! Could you please confirm that the 2C will be compatible with HomeKit at a later date or is it only the eufycam 2. Thanks!