FCC - EufyCam 2

EufyCam 2 has arrived on FCC, not certain what sort of love we are going to get based on a few threads here. Post to be updated with more details as they become available on FCC…


:man_facepalming: Eufy. Unless they plan to give this to every eufycam backer from Kickstarter, then they’ve failed. Bad job eufy

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Boo eufy … Boooooooo!!!

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So 5v only not 5v & 9v
Only saw 2.4ghz no 900mhz for low power control link


Eufycam E

Eufycam 2

Guessing the eufycam E doesn’t have range issues due to the 2.4ghz power increase compared to the eufycam
Eufycam 2 has half the power the E does but still a lot more than the original

Glad to know eufy is going back to the original design. Hope this version will bring some changes to the shortfalls of all previous versions.

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Can someone give me some reasons why people don’t like this eufycam? @TechMan @yamyam

Sure, with pleasure:

Tell me if you need more reasons :wink:


dang, I hope gen 2 will fix those problem.

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wonder how long it will take to market. I was considering the eufycam but was worried about a few things already mentioned before. Now hopefully this won’t take too long to get more info from eufy .

FCC up for 2nd gen Homebase