Decorate an Egg and Win an Easter Surprise!



There has a tool called google image, we can found all the similar images online. So it’s easy to know who use the online image. As the rules said, submitting images found online and other forms of plagiarism will result in disqualification. Unless they submit their real works.:grin:


Haha yes, I even tried to mimick the logo on our new tshirts. Well, my wife did the drawing as she has a more steady hand than me


Yea I noticed you even drew Anker products on one of the eggs. Lol you should be one of the winners


Can you make an egg that says “anjou1888”? :joy:


This tool can detect all cheaters.
And if detected we should create a pillory :persevere:


I am not an artist with the brush :sweat_smile:

But I can photograph a ton :wink:


Here is my entry I am sending on behalf of our son there is a little surprise inside.

Happy Easter to all here in the community.


Uploading… Mine and I had help from my nephew


It appears there was a problem uploading your image… you may want to try again :wink:


Doesn’t look like the photo uploaded properly


thanks gonna try again
may have been my vpn


Here is mine kinda funny had my nephews help


Drawing on eggs never went well for me sadly but it’s great to see everyone’s creativity


I’ll be hard boiling some eggs tomorrow I may have to get a little creative!


i tried my best. Cannot post on twitter / facebook sorry hope i can still enter.


You can also post it on Instagram. That’s allowed according to @AnkerTechnical I think


I should start decorating some eggs now lol


The vEGGie burger


lol do they even sell eggs


:cry: guess no one likes mine