Decorate an Egg and Win an Easter Surprise!



I made a twitter accout just for this and now if i have to enter a giveaway again i have one


You mean the one post with 6 likes :joy:


Here is mine and my sisters entry. We tried to capture everything that is magical about Easter!

Hope all the fellow community members will enjoy our little creation. :grin:

I’ve also shared the event on my Facebook with the relevant hashtag. :smirk:


I have 0 artistic qualities at all, so I let the daughter take the helm with her stickers. The wonders of modern technology allowed me to 3d capture it and save it to her photos that she will get when she is 18. It ain’t much, but it’s something.

3d egg in all its glory -


@Macgyver15 and @Fuu_bar good pics guys :+1:


yep das da one


I call this “Eggscape the Rolling Dead”:zombie:‍♂. This is such a fun contest, @AnkerOfficial! Thanks for holding all these events and Happy Easter for those who celebrate. :rabbit::hatching_chick:


Zombie eggs, great😆


Haha! Thanks! I’m glad I finally had a chance to put it together! This was fun. :slight_smile:


I love those things quite a lot more then the usual common ones.:exploding_head:


I’m not very artistic but I love makeup so this is my glamour egg :lipstick::kiss:
Happy Easter!! :blush:


Ola menina.
Bem feito.
Feliz Pásqua e um grande abraço​:rofl::smiley:


It is a must for me to say Hello to Diana “em Portugues”. No need for translation.:wink:


Obrigada, Boa Páscoa :yum:


De nada!

I remember well your deco for “natal”


Haha I dig it, in one of my pics you can see the ninja pummled the other egg and it’s all broken now


Great contest!
Good luck for everybody :rabbit::rabbit::rabbit:


Wow!!! very creative!!! :ok_hand:


Hahahaha :rofl: very creative too!! :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


everyone deserves to win !! :ok_hand::rabbit::ok_hand::rabbit:


Lol! That’s awesome. Stealthy like a ninja!