Decorate an Egg and Win an Easter Surprise!



@AnkerOfficial Put a requirement to show yourself with your art. That will remove copy/paste type entries :grin:


That may even reduce the total number of entries… :grin:


What’s not allowed? I was pointing out that the image used belongs to someone else on Twitter :wink:


oh yeah my bad, sorry!


This is really similar (or same) from this link


Well done mate, that is what infants school she went to! @kumar.sachin


I took my like back from plagiarized picture (John Smith’s picture) :grin:


Come on guys Anker made it very easy to participate in this contest, why bother and try copy paste pictures from internet or even use old photos? It takes a few minutes to decorate an egg, just get creative that is the point of this contest


I had some help and used an industrial 3d printer at work also used a material like wool for the hair. Stay tuned for the red version that I will be working on later on


I think that’s a great idea. Think I will do that


Definitely, am mostly not a photo kind of person, but will try to join the contest with existing set of rules :smile:


All fair stuff Raul.
I suppose you got some help by your cat.
But this is not against the rules🤣


This is an awesome contest, I hope to COOK up something on FRY-day with the family this weekend!

@Ankerofficial who ever wrote those YOLKS! for the description were hilarious, OMLETTIN’ you know, had me CRACKING up!

Question for you - Why did the new egg feel so good?

He just got LAID!


Same here :grin:


well someone was fried haha


ooooooof it is listed in the rules do not copy


Again?! Just read the comments and you will understand


I found out that using a washer to stand the eggs up is an awesome idea


Here’s our take… Can you guess which ones I did? Haha

2019 Community T-Shirts Have Shipped!

In guessing the eggs with the Anker logo and Anker shirt :+1: love them!