Decorate an Egg and Win an Easter Surprise!



You could create a similar one!


Nice suggestion, done!


But is it a large part?


I’m not the most creative around here but I’ll still participate. I’m also hoping to see some good deggorations so maybe I can get some ideas :joy: lol I’m just yolking around.
Shell the best 5 win :joy:

Alright no more puns :innocent:




Glad to see Anker include the disqualification for Copy / Plagiarism mention on the rules :slight_smile:


Too cute!!


They are all so adorable


@John_Smith28 you’ve been disqualified from this contest.


Wow that looks great


As a Twister or Fakebook account is needed to take part I refuse it.:angry:


@AnkerTechnical can you use more than one egg in your design or does it have to just be one egg only?


You can use more than one egg.:grin:


This is what me and my niece created a couple of years back (Shes was three) I thought it was really good as she had most of the ideas. I have a new idea but I think it will be hard to pull off :wink:


@Raul_Alexandre are these 3D printed hands or stolen from other toys?


Hope he has not slaughtered a toy of his cat.:rofl:


I do not really think that is allowed man. Well done @mirandaCosgrove!


I do not really think that is allowed man. Well done @ mirandaCosgrove!


Looks good man, its the family sprit!


I agree with you @bobstone family!