Decorate an Egg and Win an Easter Surprise!



What’s the problem with my poll? It’s the opposite of useless. It’s helping anker get useful information on their contests, and how they can improve in the future…


Looks like John took a picture off someone’s Twitter


there is a lot of improvement you are doing.


Is this a bad thing?


I wasn’t sure if that was it or not :joy:


@AnkerOfficial can you add to the rules that if anyone tries to cheat/steal someone else’s images they are instantly disqualified?


@AnkerOfficial / Anker events usually have this as rule, plagiarism / content copy is not allowed, somehow it is not listed for this event


I don’t think they thought anyone would have the audacity to do something like that! :joy:

Plus who says they copied it… they could have posted it on twitter as well…


I am not saying anyone copied, just asking to include it in all the event rules :slight_smile: and of course the instant disqualification


I will steal yours Mark.
As UK will leave that … ( censored) CE everything is free in Uk and can be stolen by others🤣


Franz, I’ll have to send the CPA (cat protection agency) after you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: @Chiquinho


Not my egg, but I’m posting it for fun. Took this on Easter at Rockefeller Center.

Good luck everyone :slight_smile:


Done, done, done… I present to you Mr. Egglegant


We will not consider “likes” as the only conditions, so no worries.:grin:


This became a family competition!:joy::smile:


They are looks a bit dirty and need to take a shower.:joy:


You need to update your prize to me of the referral event…:joy:


You are welcome to share this event on the Instagram.:grin:


It’s actually very easy, dude!:sunglasses:


Dude, you need to do it yourself.:stuck_out_tongue: