Decorate an Egg and Win an Easter Surprise!



Great cotest. I'm afraid I won't participate but good luck to all!!


I sure you can do multiple!


I just caught this... that means it’s a popularity contest again :no_mouth:


If only I was artistic.... Good luck everyone!


@AnkerOfficial great contest!!!

For community members - do we still need to post on Twitter or only in the comments ?


You should go for those from whales.
Oh, sorry ....... was never good in biology.


good luck to those who enter looking forward to some eggs


Looks like we just share this event


@Anjou1888 I wish they’d drop the likes part as well.

We all know that some members are way more popular than others on here. 🤷🏻‍♂️


Agree 100% that is one of the reasons I have a Luke warm response to these events

@AnkerOfficial should decide which is the best decoration similar to the way they decide the winners / testers for the 'I love Testing' events


Survey time.

  • likes should not matter for contests like this
  • likes should matter for contest like this


@AnkerOfficial what do you think of these results?


This will be best survey ever... Hope @AnkerOfficial is watching this poll Midway in the thread


I’ll add a ping later once we have enough voters :wink:


If it were me, I would create a separate thread with the survey, clear visibility, what say?

Great idea here @Anjou1888


Nah, no need to cause confusion :grin:. I’m sure people will find it here. I do them in the middle of threads all the time and still get responses...


Isn't life always :grin:

Hopefully they will lean more towards creativity and quality rather than solely relying on likes received to thin the herd...



Seriously? At least put some effort :joy: using imagery from internet doesn't count


Taking part in your poll I would come out as someone I never would like to be.
Quite useless.


Am I missing something? :joy: