Community Upgrade | Big Announcement!



I hope not :thinking::thinking::thinking:


It’s settings, developer, webview

So all we have is chrome webview. Thanks Samsung one UI for deciding for us.


anything going away?


Will come to know on or after June 10th :innocent:


Why don’t you try using Android system webview? That’s the option I’m using and this website works fine like it should be


Perhaps you missed what I said‽


Just went back to reading it again. You must be doing something wrong since I’m using Android webview and I’m not rooted (I have the snapdragon version)


Are you on Android pie and Samsung one UI?


Yes. I have chrome disabled on my phone. Maybe that’s why


Yes that is why. Google it (can’t change webview android pie) they say it’s implemented in chrome and you don’t need to change it, but I don’t know… I might try n disable chrome n see if any difference?


Good luck, hope it works :thumbsup:


An app would be really nice.


Anker is working on an app. We don’t know when the release will be yet :grin:


I’ve had this happen to me lots of times on iOS :frowning:


Cool Beans my friends


That will be awesome when it comes out :grinning:


Exited for the changes tomorrow. Anyone know what times the site will be offline?


I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s changes! :joy::thumbsup:


no clue. They said they would give advanced notice of when things will be down though.


The online date will be delayed to 13th or 17th.
Technicians are crazy to get it done as soon as possible.:joy: