Community Upgrade | Big Announcement!



Maybe it would work if you had an iPhone :grin: (jokes).


Weird, taping on those would take me to the right messages/replies


How exciting! Any updates on the mobile app?:grin:


Is this default android browser? what happens if you try with chrome or any other browser on your phone?


Nope, the releasing date of APP haven’t been confirmed.:innocent:


Any news on what the new rules for points and powerbucks are?


Shhhht, I have heard that a new rule will be when writing use and senseless comments points and bucks will be decreased.:grin:


Me and you will both be moved to level 5 :confused:


I will be banned! :grin:


I hope the experience points and powerbucks are not re-balanced like the recent Starbucks stars :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad i emptied out the PB stash last month… this week’s PowerDraw is not great, so will stick to my PBs for now


I regret I should have gone for the icon mini :frowning:


On Android pie, you only get chrome as a browser. So altho it says Samsung internet, it’s actually chrome at heart.


Please do not spread false information, Samsung browser is in its own browser separate from chrome. Yes it can utilize chrome’s bookmarks, but it’s still it’s own browser and not chrome. Both operate and do things entirely different


You can only have a chrome webview on Samsung pie

You cannot change this without rooting.


Hope this comes sooner as well. Also, multi device support, so we can login to multiple devices at any given time.


I don’t know what your looking at, but webview is disabled on my Galaxy S10e


It is still not late, Icon mini is included in this week’s PowerDraw :wink:


I want that thing so badly but chances of winning are slim :joy::joy:


haha i ain’t going to spend my bucks on something i ain’t going to win but until next time :wink:


Now with all this new upgrade and point / PB thing, everyone may be entering the PowerDraw :imp: