Community Upgrade | Big Announcement!

Hey, fans!

We’ve got a slew of upgrades coming your way to improve your experience here on the community. Because of this, please note that the community may be unavailable for several hours in June 13th or 17th (we’ll try to give you as much advance notice as possible when that happens).

So what are we upgrading exactly? We’re adding:

  • A system update (Discourse Version 2.2.4)
  • Improved UI for each community page (home page, forums, PowerDraw, etc.)
  • [color=red]An all-new page for We Love Testing![/color]
  • Discourse Solved, which will let us mark topic threads with a “solved” tag when issues have been answered
  • Event tags which will make it easy to see time-sensitive threads
  • More than 50 new community badges
  • Poll builder: it can be accessed from the :gear: in the topic composer, and allows you to make a poll without needing to know the exact syntax.

  • Updated rules for experience points and PowerBucks
  • New searchable emoji! :smile: :cool:
  • Email reply: answer threads anywhere from your email.

…and more! There are many exciting changes coming, so stay tuned as they’re unveiled over the next few weeks.

Power On!


Omg omg Omg!!! CANNOT WAIT :+1::+1::+1:


Love it when anker upgrades the community looking forward to the experience points and power bucks upgrade :heart_eyes:

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ayyy thanks anker! looking forward to it :slight_smile:


Thank you @AnkerTechnical for this good news!!

Look forward to all the enhancements :slight_smile:

Email replies is the best one :thumbsup:

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Thanks for the headsup, looking forward to the new updates. Cant wait to see the new Badges, as that’s one thing many of us have missed out on

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Looks like interesting changes and times ahead, thanks for the heads up @AnkerTechnical :ok_hand:

Curious about this one…


That’s cool it sound exciting - keeping things fresh


Looking forward to the new changes - all sounds very exciting!

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Great news. Can’t wait to see what’s new.


Awesome stuff! I’m especially looking forward to the email replies!


Hopefully this will include some much needed bug fixes, too. :grin:[quote=“AnkerTechnical, post:1, topic:69627”]
There are many exciting changes coming
Maybe the long-awaited app?!


This was always on the cards… The bar will be raised… :flushed: … I hope for the good

I’m super exited! These seem to be some great changes!

I hope we get more of an update on what the powerbucks and point changes are…

This is great news! Very good upgrades I would say!

Thanks for thinking of us @AnkerOfficial :kissing_heart:

It gets better and better!

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Awesome! This is pretty cool!

There should be a Mystic Beard Badge… Just saying… :slight_smile:

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Nice update for forum users !!!