Community Upgrade | Big Announcement!



I can’t wait for the new upgrades :grin:


It wouldn’t be the Anker community if the original date doesn’t get postponed :joy:


:joy::joy::joy: That’s true!


Powerbicks for all because of the delay, yeah? :joy:

Good job you are not an airline :joy:

Who’s been testing this out then???
There must be one of us (the community) who has been giving this some UAT :eyes:


ouch. lol :joy_cat:


Interesting… somebody must be BETA testing the upgrades… :thinking:


what is it? the wait is killing me :slight_smile:


2 more days to go for upgrades… Yay!


Just noticed the community was down for a few minutes… I guess that probably wasn’t the update since it wasn’t very long.?.?.


Hopefully we won’t have to guess when, as well notice the improvements the moment we login


well today is the day :slight_smile:


Or the 17th :wink:


right you are :grin:


Let’s hope they don’t postpone it again :joy:


What’s the change to the power bucks?


“NPB” will be created!
1 “New Power Buck” = 10 old ones.

BUT the value will be the same! :joy:


:joy::joy: good one still haven’t seen any changes on how to earn them :joy::joy::ok_hand:


You should call it the new power buck policy :joy:


Sounds like a Merkel plan :wink:


Do not mention this name! :rage: