Community Upgrade | Big Announcement!



and I’ll reply to those threads :joy:


I hope they increase the picture size when uploading pictures and would love a dark for this site


Not sure if most requested items will be part of the upgrade… Only 6 more days to wait though to see the changes


I wonder what they new rules are gonna be for experience points and powerbucks :fearful::confounded:


Brace for impact :joy: … Hope the Changes are not too drastic… with lot of users joining, we can expect some surprises


Fantastic news!! Can’t wait to see what the upgrades will have for us!!


GENERAL QUARTERS… GENERAL QUARTERS… ALL HANDS MAN YOUR BATTLESTATIONS! You are right @Shenoy There is a influx of newbies and this will be very interesting!


Yea guess we gotta wait and see. I’m excited for the new badges :grin:


Maybe there will be a new GIF option for people like me that overuse them. LOL!


Gifs convey much more than emojis. :thumbsup:




Yes, definitely!
It’s a honorable things for active users!


Added new rules for earning points and bucks.:grin:


Interesting, I’m looking forward to seeing what will be implemented. :+1:


Yes, this will make things more convenient!:grin:


What are these new rules?


Pretty sure I suggested it a while back :grin:


Yes, the new community will be build in the Anker app. We are working on it.:innocent:


Yes, we have the same feeling. That’s why we think it is necessary.:innocent: