Community Upgrade | Big Announcement!

Very nice!

Awesome news, looking forward to the new changes

This is exciting! I’m really looking forward to seeing the change happening next week. :smiley: Best of luck with everything!

This is awesome. It is always nice to see people come here to ask questions about issues they are having, but then it kind of hangs in the balance of “did that solve it or does it need more help”

Now what to do for the mobile users?

Please improve the single line you get when creating a new topic on a mobile.

Please please please, do a general discussion tab. This will save non Anker stuff from being tagged Anker.

Will it include, removing points from point farmers?

Will it identify people who are currently active, against the … ?

Super excited, thanks for the heads up @AnkerTechnical, can’t wait to see these changes…
How about an APP for the community?

Thanks for the continuous improvements!

These are some nice upgrades, thanks

Thanks Anker For Good News! :sunglasses:

Great news :+1:
Now we need an app as well

Love your profile pic :upside_down_face::+1::+1:

I’m looking forward to seeing the new changes. And very curious about the “updated rules for experience points and PowerBucks.” I wonder if it will make it harder for Point Farmers because I think it’s gotten way out of hand.


I would agree on that one “it has gotten way out of hand”

Not point farming here, just wanted to point out that anytime I see your name pop up, I always think of this:

:rofl: So thank you for making me smile. :grin:


Who doesn’t like upgrades!! Can’t wait!

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Good timing. It’s our wedding anniversary so I’ll be offline :blush:
Lovely news @AnkerTechnical :ok_hand:
All of these changes sound great.


This is great news thanks team:)

“An avid car and audio enthusiast looking to bring both communities together.”

Do you own any roav products? It’s anker car brand…

1 week left for points farming…
better get to work :joy:


I’ll have to start a few threads :grin::innocent: