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Hello @AnkerOfficial

Just saw that my other thread with question on points and PBs for sharing on social media was unlisted (not sure for what reason??) will proceed to post the question here

Please check the updated rules here.

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Thank you for the response!

@AnkerOfficial, while you’re here…

Do you all have any plans to change the point system again? Since so many people despise this new one…

I understand @AnkerOfficial

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I think Ankerofficial already checked it, saw a response there at about an hour back

make mobile forum also . thanks

Yes! This please!

I just read the whole discussion around points and time zones. The worst part is that this system has NOTHING at all to do with time zones. Their system is set up to not grant more points until 24 hours from when you were last awarded the points. So if I log in every morning - if one morning I get on at 10am for the first time in a few days, I will get points. The next day, if I log in at 9am I will not get points. If I got on twice a day, morning and evening, I would get them in the evening (10pm) on the 2nd day, but the third day if I was on a little earlier in the evening (9pm), I wouldn’t get them at all that day unless I got on again after 10pm. That will push later and later until you miss a day, even though you were on more than once within every 24 hour period.

Over time, just by getting on at slightly different times from one day than the next, you will automatically miss a day periodically. Same timing issue applies to all of the points granting activities that are limited.

For anyone not convinced, this is very clearly visible in the post @AnkerOfficial made on June 2 - all the visit community rewards are separate by 24 hours plus a bit. And it is really easy to check this out with shares. Just check the time you do them and get points for them one day, and then try doing more the next day immediately before that time (no points) and then immediately after that time (points!). All based on a rolling 24 hour clock that doesn’t require anyone to do silly tricks with time zones.

It would make it a lot simpler for users if it was just within a 24 hour window, regardless of time zone, rather than this 24 hour clock. That way anyone who got on twice a day was guaranteed to get the points every day. The current system effectively requires the logs to be 24 hours plus a little, which is guaranteed to work out to missed days occasionally.