Community Upgrade | Big Announcement!

So the timezone is the reason that those 5 bucks do not show up?
Weird explanation!

If they don’t show up these will not be added, of course
Simple software bug!

Please see the reply above, I accidentally send it out before I finished editing.

Would be easy to add user’s timezone to his preferences.
eg. mine is CET

This would solve the issues and quarrels.
Just a few lines of code and it works.


This explanation still doesn’t explain the missing days…

For this explanation to make any sense I/we would receive points for visiting the community twice on the same day which we are obviously not.


Dude, why are you denying it? It’s obviously just time zones :roll_eyes::laughing:

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Hi @AnkerOfficial

Thanks for the detailed information, however my question here is simple: If I login to community everyday, would expect to see the bucks added for everyday.

Can you make the Bucks / Point display to show whatever timezone it is following ? Make my timezone change to UTC, so that I may see points for everyday?

I do understand the system limitations and all other aspects… this is my final request for a possible fix, don’t want to look as if I am pestering for bucks. Will humbly accept this as the new normal :slight_smile:

I completely agree with @TheDude


Indeed, these are some illogical statements.
I can an will not follow.
A student studying 1. semester informatics can solve this problem. :smiley:

We will record the points and bucks within 24 hours instead of specific date according to the UTC time, so if your accessing time is converted to UTC time and you visit the community more than once in a row within 24 hours, it will only add one time bucks in your history.

We checked the sreenshot of your profile, all the displayed bucks data are consistent with our system backend data. So you didn’t lost bucks it.

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We don’t expect to get points and bucks everytime we log on, we expect them every day. We are logging on multiple times everyday. In order to miss a day, you would have to not log on for an entire 24 hour period. WE ARENT DOING THAT. We are logging on multiple times in a 24hr period, and therefore should be getting bucks for everyday.

You need to stop pretending there isn’t a problem. If the screenshot lines up with your “backend system”, it means that your backend system is messed up too! Stop pretending there isn’t a problem, and just accept that your technicians messed up once.

This is coming from someone who doesn’t care about points/bucks. I’m just upset that you’re trying to pretend that there isn’t a problem, when there CLEARLY IS. There is a problem. If you took 5 minutes to read through the comments you would understand what the problem is, and stop making these lousy excuses.

Again, I don’t care about the points- take them all away for all I care- I just don’t like the excuses, and pretending that there isn’t a problem.

This is something I deal with at work all the time, and I hate it. Please just stop. Please.

Thank you- rant officially over (for now)…

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This is the UTC record in our system back end.


This is the PST time history in Shenoy’s profile

Please use worldtimebuddy to help transfer the time, then you will find the answer.

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Take a look at this comment, made at approximately 9AM UTC on June 23rd. Yet @Shenoy didn’t get the points for logging on that day, even though they clearly did- even according to your rules.

Something is messed up

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Remember: the system will only record one time login and reward one time bucks for visiting the community within 24 hours (UTC time), if he visit twice in UTC time within 24 hours, the second visiting data will not be stored on our back end, so it will correspondingly not be shown on the profile.

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That doesn’t matter, since they didn’t get points AT ALL for logging in on the 23rd

I don’t understand why you won’t admit your wrong… you clearly are… I need to go to bed lol

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Thank you @AnkerOfficial :pray:t2:

It is techno geek for GMT or solar time.

So 08:00 hrs GMT is 00:00 PT/ 03:00 ET (USA)

UTC is what’s used by lots of WWWs to give a standard time across all time zones. … This is what I understand of it…

See wiki …

However, in any given 24hr time each of come on multiple times a day. We’re usually permanently logged in on one device (for me smartphone)

Now with UTC, it “could” be that although youay login in multiple times in one day, and day to day, it may be on some days, your 2 days MAY have been just one day on UTC due to the timezones.

Login at 11pm local /4am UTC
And although you may then login again multiple times next day but last comment at say 7pm local / 00:00 UTC

As you can see, you’ve done 2 days to one day UTC.

Does that help?


Thank you @AnkerTechnical @AnkerOfficial for removing the Date of Birth from the profile.

Plus new enhancements such as Network, Follow / Following, Points / PBs for sharing on Social Media (though need to see how to get the PBs :wink: awaiting response from @AnkerOfficial) …

You guys Rock!!! :ok_hand::muscle:

I’m interested to see how many points/PBs we will get for sharing on social media

5pts per the each, no PB. I don’t know how many times per day

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Only twice per day for points - confirmed. Nothing on PBs…

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@TechMan @Shenoy
Thank you guys