Complete a Survey | Win a 7-in-1 USB-C Hub

Great survey!! Thank you for listening to your customer base!!

WoW! everyone stepped up! Didn’t think we would reach 150… See, miracles do happen!


Thank you @AnkerOfficial hope to win the prize

I just don’t hear responses from @Ankerofficial on any queries, and simply keep tagging the ID… will stop tagging these accounts in future…

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Great survey. Love to be part of Anker product development.

Are you just now catching on? They almost never respond to us. So rude


If there is never any response from “BIG BROTHER” we should create response by ourselves. :rofl:

Seen them say “welcome” and “more deals” to new members only… and most queries / questions from other members are just ignored or may be not desirable for responses…

With all the format changes,… the community has gone a bit silent, there are some events and of course the “auction”… But if there are no responses from admin on queries regarding products or community questions… This will only lead to less questions and less participation

These are my views and observation, so all Anker advocates please do not pounce on me with all your weapons… I love Anker community, at the same time want it to be a more interactive.

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Perfect said!

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Sticking to my line… no more tagging ankerofficial ( no @ :grin:)

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No, no keep on please!

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You (all) know my feeling on silent Anker!

That the problem, they care more about new engagements but forget about everyone else. They respond here and there because they know we will also engage users and answer questions. But sadly, it will eventually drive users away because when we have questions they do not respond. They seemingly ignore us because they think we wont go anywhere and will always be here


Oh yes.
What if no one of the “old loyal” fellows will do “NOTHING” for while.

I’ve thought this, but even when not in for a couple days, no one missed me, soni doubt v much if Anker would.

It would have to be a silent arranged (via off page chat, not Anker pm either) and for 2 days we all agree to not come on.

No Mac, the tiny “old crew” > 11 is watching what goes on.

Funny that, I sent a PM a few weeks ago titled ‘leave’ as I needed a few days break for personal reasons, got a fast response of ‘panic’ that they thought I was wanting to leave permanently :laughing:


Now that demands a fast response :wink: :innocent:

So they do read, they just ignore…

I’m gonna vote on a strike from the community! We will become lurkers until anker picks up the game!!

Who’s with me!

  • I (an active member) will go on strike!
  • Nah, I’m to chicken

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I send a PM some weeks ago, telling the fellows I could help them to avoid such mistakes which have been made and showed up in German manuals.
Confusing hours and minutes, which is really …)
FREE of course (old teacher has time to do such tasks and duties :smile:)
NO answer. Only silence.

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