Coming Soon: PowerWave 10 Dual Pad, RoboVac 11S Max, RoboVac 15C Max



too many vacuum models!!! :pouting_cat:


oooo im excited for both thanks for sharing


i love the power wave dual pad might get one


So if it’s POWERWAVE 10 DUAL, does that mean… BOTH PADS are 10w?


One would assume so, as it would be pointless to have a 10w pad and a mediocre 5w on the other side.
Truthfully it should be a 15w pad instead of 10w as most newer phones can support 15w


Agreed but that would also mean making it USBC


While we all want USB c, USB micro can draw up to 18w without issue


Coming to robovac any advise as to what major diff between one with and without having WiFi feature? Other than being able to turn it on or off remotely with your phone?


As far I see it is possible to create a more individual schedule by the application.
The normal remote allows a daily use at the same time only, without any exceptions.


Any info on release date? I need this DUO charger!


Will probably be after PowerWave+ Pad and Stand are released.


Thank you:clap:


Good question! Inquiring minds like mine want to know!


It could be expected in the second half of this year.:grin:


It’s almost second half of the year in 10 days :sob:


That has 7 months in second half ( including June) :joy:


Lol, didn’t even catch that :joy:


looks like apple airpower
may you rip


Hey, at least Samsung didn’t design AirPower. They would have released it :joy:


Had Samsung (you never know they may) released a Airpower-like model, that would have been a big hit… There are definite issues which is why we don’t see big players venturing into this arena… but this can come back in future with technology enhancements